Act! Insight

See dynamic, visual snapshots of real-time metrics covering sales productivity and performance, sales pipeline health, top performing products, win/loss analysis, and more with interactive, graphical dashboards — a valuable active subscriber benefit!

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Built-in dashboards

Guide decision-making with rich, actionable insights from built-in dashboard views—Key Insights, Sales Metrics, and Customer Interactions.


See a snapshot of overall business health, revenue vs. costs, and average days in stage for sales opportunities with Key Insights dashboards. Dive deeper into sales performance with Sales Metrics dashboards that provide insights on sales by product, sales by rep, won vs. lost sales, forecasted sales by product, and forecasted sales by rep. Customer Interactions dashboards provide detail on activities by rep and marketing effectiveness. 

Interactive options

Interact with dashboard data by applying filters, drilling through to list views, sending to PDF, and more.


Apply filters to customize your date range, activity types, products, and users shown. Drill-through to Act! list views from dashboard widgets to learn more about a particular opportunity or activity. PDF any dashboard view with just one-click. Tool Tips give you a general description of the insights presented in each dashboard widget. 

Custom insights

Gain custom insights when you personalize or fully customize dashboards to display metrics most relevant to your business or role.


Make tweaks to your dashboards by changing the chart types and applying 3D. Take it a step further and fully customize dashboards for custom insights about your business. Data can be pulled in from all Act! entities, reporting-based fields, custom fields, and Custom Tables. 

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