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Business Growth Through CRM Success Results

By: Mallory Bowers @actcrm | 7/18/2017

Swiftpage surveyed Act! customers as a part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the solution to gain a better understanding of how they use Act! to grow their companies

DENVER, CO — July 18, 2017 Swiftpage, the maker of Act! and a leading provider of software and services that help small and mid-sized businesses grow, today released the results of a survey which revealed the significant growth and success Act! users have seen as a result of employing the solution. This survey was conducted as a part of the Act! 30th anniversary celebration.

Pioneering the customer relationship management (CRM) industry in 1987, Act! has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years. 75 percent of the Act! survey respondents and more than 76 percent of US businesses using Act! reported that the software is a tool that is currently helping them grow. Furthermore, according to those surveyed, 85 percent of Act! users rely on this software to help expand their business every single day and nearly all (95 percent) use Act! at least every few days.

“One of the many exciting takeaways from this survey is that 82 percent of Act! users are feeling confident about their prospects for growth over the next 12 months, far outpacing the 60 percent that recently responded to this MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index survey stating their expectations for revenue to rise over the next year,” said Lorcan Malone, president and COO of Swiftpage. “At Swiftpage, we understand the utility and value of any business solution is ultimately determined by its ability to help contribute to the overall growth and success of an organization. Therefore, we’re extremely excited to learn that our customers are vastly more positive than non-Act! users in their outlook and that they feel Act! is a critical component to their business development.”

According to survey respondents, Act! is facilitating business growth through improved information sharing and the accessibility of that information (64 percent), as well as  helping to increase efficiency (54 percent). Almost all Act! users (94 percent) rely on Act! for the software’s customer information functionality to help them better cultivate long lasting relationships and increase their customer retention. 

“Act! has a famously loyal user base and our survey reaffirmed this sentiment with nearly 50 percent of respondents reporting they’ve used the software for more than 11 years—and 22 percent acknowledging relying on the product for 21-30 years,” said H. John Oechsle, CEO of Swiftpage. “That’s longer than nearly every other CRM on the market today has even existed. Only an invaluable tool that can truly help businesses grow can demonstrate that level of longevity and loyalty from its customer base.”

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