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Swiftpage & TNG Networks Announce Partnership Agreement

By: Swiftpage @swiftpage | 3/10/2015

TNG Networks will begin offering Act! as part of their Industry Vertical Platform on the TNG Cloud Workspace designed to enable resellers to deliver pre-configured, industry specific Act! Solutions via TNG’s Cloud Workspace, a highly secure virtual desktop in the cloud.

DENVER, CO and TORONTO, CANADA — March 10, 2015 — Swiftpage, the maker of Act! and a leading provider of software and services that help small businesses grow, announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with TNG Networks, a leading cloud solution provider based in Canada.

TNG will be responsible for creating and distributing—via TNG Cloud Workspace and the worldwide network of Act! Resellers also known as Act! Certified Consultants (ACCs)—specific customized versions of Act!. This software will utilize popular third party additions for Act!, along with connections into industry leading software such as QuickBooksTM and Microsoft Office 365TM, for numerous industry verticals. These verticals will include financial advising, accounting, Franchise in a Box and Small Business in a Box.

ACCs will now have access to TNG’s Cloud Workspace, a Fortune 500 cloud-based platform, to sell bundled software that will include full desktop versions of Act! Premium on a monthly subscription pricing model. By offering a fixed monthly fee for the basic package along with specific vertical bundles, ACCs and their clients have the option to run standardized pre-configured bundles for specific industries or build their own starting with the basic package. The ACC will continue to act as the client’s trusted advisor and will support the customer’s Act! database from an easy-to-access portal showing every customer of the ACC. The portal provides the ACC with a fast and convenient access point, enabling the ACC to work on a customer’s database securely from any device anywhere that has Internet access. Giving the ACC’s access to incorporate such a powerful platform into their customer base allows for new revenue streams not usually available to the ACC while providing them a common portal for supporting and consulting with their client base.

The biggest value-add with the TNG Cloud Workspace is the convenience and security for Act! customers. TNG Cloud Workspace eliminates the need to run costly networks and allows employees the ability to securely access Act! or any of over 1,000 certified applications from any device, be it a corporate computer, hotel kiosk, or BYOD device from home. From a risk and compliance perspective, the customer’s data is secure—residing in a fully redundant environment certified with the industry’s highest certifications and monitored and supported by a 24x7x365 customer care center. The financial advantages are significant as well, from a reduced or eliminated capital IT budget to a predictable monthly IT operations fee per user that is as flexible as your monthly employee head count demands. With the TNG Cloud Workspace solution bundled with Act!, a customer gets the best of all worlds and eliminates the pain points of running an IT environment inside their business environment. It allows the customer to concentrate on what they do best—running their business.

“This partnership is tremendously beneficial for Swiftpage, our customers and our partners (ACCs),” said H. John Oechsle, president and CEO of Swiftpage. “It increases our footprint with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Additionally, it gives our customers a faster, stress-free way to get started with a full desktop version of Act! securely in the cloud on a subscription basis. TNG Networks supports our ACCs by providing them with an easy transition to the subscription-based model of selling which follows our new strategy.”

“Integrating Act! based on specific industry verticals, as part of the TNG Cloud Workspace platform, provides the perfect opportunity for ACC’s to broaden their consulting expertise and offerings to their client base which in turn will help their customers grow their businesses,” comments Stephen Simmons, president and CEO of TNG Networks Inc. “Bringing a full desktop version of Act!—easily integrated with industry leading software—into a virtual industry-specific platform is a great example of how TNG Cloud Workspace helps ACC’s and their customers to transform their traditional business software platform into a true cloud based Fortune 500 solution.”

About TNG Networks Inc.

TNG Networks Inc. is a leading North American Cloud Solutions Provider offering numerous products and services designed to work in both the traditional IT environment as well as the public / private cloud universe. TNG, founded in 1994 as a traditional full service IT Solutions Company has been providing cloud based consulting and products to customers across North America since 2003. TNG is based out of Toronto, Canada and is a leading Microsoft Gold partner specializing in cloud and hosting solutions including Office 365, SharePoint and secure data storage and transfer along with flagship products lead by TNG Cloud Workspace and the TNG R2 OpenStack hosting environment.

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