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With pipeline management and robust reporting, you can finally gain critical insight about your business and customers to propel your business even faster up and to the right.

“Act! gives us the information we need quickly and accurately...”

Jim Larson

For over 50 years, specialist employment service, Morningside, has helped those with disabilities back into work using detailed personal information to help match them to their ideal job.

However, using a paper-based system to do this, limited access to client notes and business contact information, which meant those in the field were continually having to return to one of Morningside’s four offices to get the information they needed. Unsurprisingly, that was a major drain on time and effort that would be better spent working with clients.

Based in Washington State, USA, Morningside is statefunded, which makes maintaining accurate and detailed records essential for ensuring this not-for-profit organisation is able to bill accurately for the work that it does.

“Act! gives us the information we need quickly and accurately, which means we can focus more time and effort on supporting clients. And over the eight years we’ve been using it, the software’s continually developed, so we know that in the future it will keep pace with our needs as we grow and evolve.”

Since Morningside holds sensitive client details such as medical histories, it was absolutely critical that any CRM software had to work without compromising client confidentiality. Thanks to Act!’s ability to create menus and tabs for specialist information, sensitive data could be included, with access limited to those who needed to know.

Previously, with their old paper-based system, the team had struggled to respond to specific information requests from agencies and stakeholders. Now, Act!’s reporting system meant they could answer any enquiry they received – however specific – by custom creating a pull-down menu for the exact data required.

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