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​With an email template library and marketing automation features, Act! includes the capabilities you need to amplify your message and reach more of the right people.

“It's quick, slick and cost-effective and has taken our productivity to a whole different level.”

Jamie Boyden

For nearly fifty years, Rayburn Tours have organised travel arrangements for countless schools and adult groups, with an attention to detail that’s seen their clients come back to them year after year. Making sure all back office systems deliver to the highest of standards is an essential part of that process.

With an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5, Rayburn’s always delivered when it’s come to customer service, but, “our IT systems were somewhat behind where they needed to be,” says Jamie Boyden, the company’s Commercial Director, and when it came to upgrading “CRM was the obvious place to start.”

“Act! gives us robust, real-time data we can use in our day to day decision making, track individual products and address any weaknesses,” says Jamie. “So now our management team have a completely different level of insight into the business.”

To connect with and convert new clients, Rayburn also use Act!’s emarketing tool to create cost-effective strategies that ensure hot leads are prioritised so they stay ‘on the radar’ for more effective follow up.

“With Act! we can set up dynamic groups of contacts and deliver brochures and other materials to them at exactly the right moment,” says Jamie, “which saves us time and effort, while generating significant cost savings.”

And because Act! makes it easy to design, send and track eye-catching email campaigns, the team can be sure they’re reaching clients with just the right message.

“Act! works for us. And every time I turn around it gets a little better.”

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