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Keeping contact information organised is crucial to your bottom line, but when it’s spread across multiple platforms and products you lose both time and a complete view of your customers’ needs. Act! collects all your customer data in one place, surfacing the right information at the right time so you can present the right message.

“I know that if we didn't have Act!, we wouldn't come close to achieving the 5,000 new memberships...”

Diane Kay

In London’s highly competitive gym and fitness sector, staying at the top requires focus, particularly when you have a fast membership turnover of transient City bankers and financial professionals.

But with 8,000 members, 100,000 square feet of space and the final phase of a multi-million pound refurbishment just completed, the Reebok Sports Club in Canary Wharf is clearly doing something very right.

In large part, that’s down to Sales and Marketing Director Diane Kay and her team ensuring a steady stream of new members keeps flowing through the doors of what is one of Europe’s largest and most luxurious health clubs.  And Diane is in no doubt that Act! plays a significant role in achieving that. “I know that if we didn’t have Act!,” she says, “we wouldn’t come close to achieving the 5,000 new memberships we sign up every year.”

“With a sales team of seven you get a lot of friendly competition. So Act! has become our bible when it comes to monitoring and managing new memberships, as it let’s us trace the entire sales chain from initial contact, so we always know who’s done what.”

As the club became more and more successful so Diane’s sales team, grew, which meant upgrading to the latest version of Act!. At the same time, Diane also took the opportunity to get additional training from Swiftpage, so that all those who would be using Act! understood the system and what it could do for them.

As a result, not only are new members of the sales team fully up to speed with the system, but now for the first time the club can use Outlook to create highly coordinated and focused email campaigns fast and with minimal effort. So while larger fitness chains may have bespoke database systems, Diane isn’t looking any further than Act! for all the muscle she needs to make sure the Reebok Sports Club stays in tip-top shape.

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