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Act! allows you to focus on the primary goal of growing your business and bottom line results with sales features like opportunity management and prioritised call lists.

“With Act! all members of our sales team can find out everything they need to know about a customer...”

Angela Banks

MCJ Casings is one of the UK’s few remaining independent processors of natural sausage skins, with a well-earned reputation for the quality of its products and standard of customer care.

So, when the company acquired a butchers’ sundries firm, there was a real determination to maintain and strengthen the connection with its customers, ranging from supermarkets and wholesalers through to independent high street butchers.

“Our personal touch is what sets us apart from our competitors,” says MCJ Casing’s sales manager Angela Banks, “so we were very keen to make sure that we maintained strong relationships with our customers as we expanded.”

“As soon as I saw the online demo,” says Angela “I knew that Act! would help us improve our service levels by giving the sales team all the account details they needed as soon as a customer called.”

One area where Act! is proving particularly effective is in the ability it has given MCJ Casings to upsell to existing customers. By accessing the account history and contact notes, the sales team can now suggest additional products relevant to individual customers, such as ingredients, sausage mixes and even packaging types, that they have previously ordered or shown interest in. 

Before Act!, that would have meant reviewing a customer’s previous orders, a time-consuming process for everyone involved. “With Act! we’re able to plan our sales calls much better and schedule contact with customers at just the right moment. We can anticipate from our records where they are in their buying cycle, so we’re confident we’re thinking along the same lines as they are,” says Angela. 

With the launch of a new company website, and increased use of social media, the next step will be to start using the e-marketing opportunities Act! provides to attract new customers, as well as help retain existing accounts.

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