Who invented CRM?


The first ever CRM was released by Pat Sullivan and Mike Muhney in 1987 by the name of ACT!. It was basically a digital rolodex which enabled its users to organise and store customer information effectively. Despite lacking a lot of features that the contemporary CRMs have, ACT! made the development community realise the possible benefits of a system that harnesses the power of customer information to help a business manage its relationships better. At the time, the term “CRM” did not exist and it was only in the 90s that it stared being used after features like sales automation, enterprise resource planning and marketing capabilities complemented the contact management features of the software.

After acting as the pioneer and paving the path for further research and development, ACT! (now known as Act!) continued to play its part in revolutionising the CRM industry. For over 30 years, the product has been a market leader and has acquired over six million users across 100+ countries during this time. Act! has a variety of distinguishable features that give it a strong competitive edge over the competition. It is very customisable and has been known to adapt to the needs of the user; by adding custom tables and/or custom columns for customers, businesses can keep all the extra information they want about a prospect. Act! also has excellent mobility features which allow its users to access the service from anywhere and everywhere (A mobile, laptop or a tablet); moreover, the offline sync features make it possible for everyone involved to always stay in tune with the latest proceedings. If you use a lot of enterprise level applications for your business’ operational needs or have many different data sources, then Act! has got you covered too; it connects seamlessly with a sea of famous tools and applications including QuickBooks Online, Shopify, Slack and hundreds more using Act! Connect. It also integrates directly with Google, Excel® and Outlook®.