How to choose the best CRM solution for your business

While CRM solutions come in many shapes and sizes, they all have essentially the same aim – to help you collect, organise and understand key information about existing and would-be customers so you can do more and better business with them.

Much more than just a means of storing contact details, a Customer Relationship Management system is a powerful tool that enables even the smallest business to ‘punch above its weight’ when it comes to finding new leads, following up prospects and providing a better service.

However, these significant commercial benefits are lost if you fail to select the most appropriate CRM software for your business in the first place. In this guide you will learn how to choose a CRM system that’s right for you.

8 key things to watch out for when choosing a CRM solution:


Ease of use for staff members


Training and ongoing support


Third party integration


Customisable fields that can suit your business


Cloud based solution accessible from anywhere, on any device


Robust security and data protection for peace of mind


Transparent pricing, terms and conditions


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