Act! 365 – the crucial component in a company’s sales success


When the new owners of a long-established parts distributor for manufactured homes introduced Act! 365, the impact on sales was remarkable.

Although a market leader, Westland’s processes had changed little over four decades and systems needed bringing up to speed. They needed a simple CRM solution that staff who had little experience of business technology could get to grips with quickly.

“We chose Act! 365 because it’s not just cost-effective,” says Lou Braun, CEO, “it’s also an easy to use platform. We knew the staff would feel comfortable with it and be able to start using the software straightaway.”

A few ‘quick wins’ enabled the sales team to appreciate how using Act! 365 would benefit them with increased sales and commissions. Read More
“Our reps have turned into power users who between them have added hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales since they began using Act! 365, an incredible uplift in sales that the company’s never seen before.”
Customer Results


By using Act! 365 to give their sales effort more focus, the Westland team quickly began seeing positive results. Not only did they acquire new customers and increase sales to existing ones, but they also won back ‘lost’ accounts.

Reps have added hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales since they introduced Act! 365.


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