CRM for Outlook

Integrating your Outlook or Office 365 solution with a CRM system like Act! can help you make significant productivity gains, giving you more time to focus on your business and your customers.


Work seamlessly across Outlook and Act! to save time every day

Act! CRM offers a rich and advanced set of integration features with Outlook® allowing you and your team
to easily synchronise database contacts, calendars, activities, inbound and outbound emails.

Contact Sync with Outlook

Contact sync

Automatically sync Contacts between Outlook® and Act! CRM and say goodbye to manual data entry. Configure your sync rules as you want so that you never have to worry about missing or duplicate Contacts.

Quick email capture

Quick email capture

Capture emails in a single click to add them to Act! CRM or automatically record Outlook® emails in Act! so that all your communication history with customers is kept in one centralised place.

Outlook Calendar sync

Calendar sync

Stay on top of your schedule by easily synchronising your calendar with Act! CRM. View, create and edit all your Act! activities in Outlook® and vice-versa so that you never miss an appointment.


Why sync Outlook with Act! CRM?

  • Automatically synchronise your Contacts and Calendar
  • Easily record Outlook® emails in your CRM
  • Customisable synchronisation settings
  • Compatible with Outlook® and Office 365
  • Integration included in your Act! CRM purchase at no extra cost
  • Expert technical support included1
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CRM Outlook integration FAQ

Choosing the right CRM for Outlook can be challenging. Please find below some frequently asked questions regarding the CRM Outlook integration with Act!. For more information on Act! CRM for Outlook, please book a demo with an Act! consultant.

Which versions of Outlook does the Act! integration support?
Act! CRM integrates with Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.
Does the Act! integration allow me to send emails from Outlook and do they appear in Act! CRM?
Yes, with the Act! CRM Outlook integration you can have all your outbound emails automatically recorded in Act!. If you need more flexibility, you can also set up options to determine which emails should be added to Act! and which ones shouldn’t.
What happens if I am not logged into Act!, will the Outlook email still attach?
The integration between Act! and Outlook works in the background so Act! does not need to be turned on for the integration features to work. If you attach an email from Outlook, it will appear in Act! when you next log in..
What is the cost of the CRM Outlook integration?
Our email integration solution is included with all Act! purchases, at no extra cost. Check out our prices to learn more.
Does the Act! integration support Outlook for Mac?
Act! CRM has an add-on available for users of Outlook for Mac allowing them to integrate emails and activities. Please consult our Knowledgebase for more information.
Does the integration work with other email clients like Gmail?
Yes, Act! CRM’s out-of-the-box solution also allows users to easily integrate Gmail and other email clients with Act! CRM.
How can I setup the CRM Outlook integration with Act!?
The CRM Outlook integration can be easily setup in a few simple steps from within the settings of Act!.


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