8 Expert Tips to Optimize Your Small Business Website

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Being a small business owner provides you with the freedom to pursue your passions. You also don't have the burden of going through all the red tape just to get anything done at a large corporation. However, you do have to compete with them. To do it well, your online presence must be fully optimized. This may feel intimidating as a small business, but it doesn't have to be that way. With a few tips, you can optimize your small business for success.

You must be mobile friendly:

Getting your website mobile friendly can earn you some major profits. 60% of mobile users use their smartphone as their Internet source. 70% feel text message is an effective communication method.

Mobile friendly site - If your website is through WordPress, there are numerous optimization tools at your disposal to make your site mobile friendly. But, if you use another platform you can still create a mobile-friendly site by taking out the drop-down menus, putting contact information first, adding visuals, and using large fonts.

SEO strategy – You want to strategize your SEO based on the search terms your customers use. Make sure those keywords are in your content and site so you can be easily found.

Content updates – The last thing you want is stale old content. You want customers coming back to your site, so you need to keep the content fresh and up to date. Useful content your customers want is a great way to maintain your status as an industry expert. You don't want outdated content tarnishing that reputation.

Leverage several methods to get in front of your customer – Use your website and social media platforms to provide coupons, update customers of business changes, and anything else that gets them buying from you.

Testing – Some methods will work for some companies and not for others. Come up with a good control and run A/B testing on your optimization strategies. You may find that some methods work for one social media platform and not another. You may see increased traffic for some content and not others. This testing is something you should always be doing. Customer preferences are always changing, and you want to keep up.

Keep up to date with Google:

To fully optimize your site you need to know how to work with Google's algorithms. This doesn't mean you have to know every code, but it's important to know a few tips.

Don't fall for google fads – Sometimes companies will try to anticipate what Google's future algorithms will be and plan their SEO strategy accordingly. However, that rarely works. Google is changing all the time and trying to anticipate the changes way ahead of time just puts you back. But, Google consistently ranks useful high-quality content high regardless of keywords. Make sure the content you produce is consistently top notch and you will have those first ranked spots. Google is transparent regarding their optimization rules. Understanding them is key to your success.

Don't neglect snippets – with Google's search engine you can add additional information about your page to the metadata. You want to take advantage of this feature. It allows you to further optimize your pages and blog posts. However, if you leave it blank Google will put something in the metadata from the page. You don't want to leave this up to Google because it could be unintentionally unfavorable to your business. By adding this description, you maintain the control over your site.

Clean up duplicated content – Google will lower your rank if you have duplicate content on your site. You may be thinking if you have multiple URL's to send customers to the same page it will help boost sales and optimization. However, that is not the case. You don't have to completely revise your website though. You can clear up duplicate content by defining a canonical URL and 301 redirects. Canonical URL's give Google one URL to access the right pages instead of multiple. 301 redirects will send your customers to the correct URL if you have multiple URL's for one page.

A stellar online presence plays a major role in your success as a business. You don't have customers if they can't find you, and they are looking for you online. Looking to grow your small business? Let the experts at Act! help. Our CRM solutions are designed to help your business grow. Try Act! for free today!