Engineering firm cleans up using Act!


While Act! is a powerful CRM solution straight out of the box, it wasn’t until Michael Williams Engineering Ltd got support from an Act! Certified Consultant that they really found out how it could transform the way they did business.

“My father phoned me one day back in 2001”, recalls James Williams, “asking if I knew of any software that would save his sales team at Michael Williams Engineering Ltd having to write notes about customer calls and call back reminders on bits of paper that kept getting lost.”

James didn’t. But, quite by chance, he spotted Act! on a shelf in PC World soon after. He thought “it might do the job” and bought a copy.

The sales team took to it immediately. Five more copies were quickly bought and networked together using an old Windows® computer.

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“There’s no way we would have been able to produce the thousands of quotes we have over the last few years doing things the old way.”
Customer Results


Thanks to Act!, gone are the days where the sales staff was having to rely on handwritten notes, rewriting orders or forgetting to return calls at the right time.

Not only do customers get a better service, but production scheduling has also improved because the management team knows where business is coming from and when.

Since introducing Seamless Opportunities (an Act! add-on), Michael Williams Engineering Ltd produces better looking quotes, faster and more accurately.


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