Act! helps company scale new heights


By using Act! to keep their sales team 'on the road', The Scale People have seen radical productivity improvements, and been able to create a far more co-ordinated sales process that is keeping them ahead of their competitors.

A major distributor of weighing equipment in the US, The Scale People help their customers find out the weight of anything from newborn babies right through to aircraft. This Maryland-based company has even supplied the scales NASA use to weigh satellites going up in the Space Shuttle!

However, while many of those they supply are hi-tech, the way this family firm used to keep customer details was anything but. "When I joined the company back in 1990," says Chris Buck, who now runs The Scale People with his brother, "my father kept customer details on a Rolodex."

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In terms of efficiency we’ve been able to improve productivity by at least 30% using Act!. That puts us ahead of the curve, and our competitors, who are still using Outlook and can’t access or share information like we can.
Customer Results


By making Act! its CRM software of choice, The Scale People have been able to:

  • Dramatically increase efficiency - by over 30%.
  • Maintain the details of more than 44,000 contacts.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time the company’s sales force has to spend going back to the office.
  • Given them a competitive advantage over their competitors who are using less effective CRM software.


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