Act! Pioneer Continues to Reap the Rewards


In a highly competitive market, it’s personal customer service that sets this family-owned Swiss company apart from the rest.

Having a CRM system that’s sufficiently adaptable to meet their sophisticated communication needs has been of critical importance from day one. Some years ago, entrepreneur Jan Schoch faced a challenge. Although his company, Schoch Werkhaus, had a perfectly adequate enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in place, it had no effective customer relationship management (CRM) solution to complement it. Read More
The great strength of Act! is its incredible flexibility when it comes to business processes, which means it can be easily adapted to your individual needs.
Customer Results


  • Schoch Werkhaus are now able to fully configure all their internal business processes using Act! exactly as they want them.
  • Act! is used by around 50 employees across the company, who collectively are responsible for sales in excess of 21 million Swiss Francs.
  • By complementing the company’s ERP system, Act!’s customer management functions mean that a company-wide client database is available on which to record contact data, ensure greater transparency in client relationships through detailed customer history, and increase the efficiency of marketing activities
  • Act! has made it easy to identify marketing opportunities and has facilitated the management of existing customer contacts by providing a shared calendar and logistics planning.
  • By optimising the way emails are composed and sent to highly targeted customer addresses, Act! has made Schoch Werkhaus’ emailing marketing much more effective.
  • Through the automated support of business processes and company communication, Act! enables Schoch Werkhaus to actively promote its corporate values to the market.


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