Act! gives publisher’s sales team a productivity boost


When one of Poland’s major publishers wanted to make its advertising department even more efficient, it turned to Act! for efficiency gain.

With its journals and books enjoying a combined circulation of over 240,000, and 45,000 people attending its conferences and events each year, specialist Polish publisher PRESSCOM is a market leader.
However, maintaining that position requires a highperforming sales team who can consistently sell advertising to new clients, then build long-term relationships with them. To do this successfully, they must prepare tailor-made proposals for each individual customer based on their marketing requirements, and negotiate a deal that works for both sides.
An effective, robust and customizable CRM system was clearly needed. Read More
Act! stood out from other customer and contact management systems because of the clarity of its interface, ease of setup and integration with Microsoft® Outlook and our phone system.
Customer Results


  • With Act!, PRESSCOM’s advertising team now has a far more effective and reliable solution in place for generating and managing a centralized customer database.
  • Day-to-day tasks can be performed much more simply thanks to calendars, to-do lists, notepads and a range of other easyto- use features within Act!.
  • Reporting modules are enabling managers to keep track of developing sales patterns much more effectively.
  • By being able to integrate Act! so easily with Microsoft® Outlook and supported VoIP telephony solutions, PRESSCOM has been able to create a robust, comprehensive and joined-up communications process that works better for both them and their clients.


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