Act! enables custom builders to lay foundations for growth


Many people in Southwest Florida wake up each morning in their dream home thanks to one of the region’s leading custom builders, who relies on Act! to make sure their clients get the property they want.

Over the last 34 years, Paul Homes has grown to become one of Southwest Florida’s leading custom builders, thanks to the quality of its construction and a genuine understanding of its clients’ needs. The company has also been impacted by the efforts of Broker Associate Jeffrey Gazlay and his personal commitment to making the most of technology. Somewhat of an old hand when it comes to using the software, he knows its potential and was therefore keen to take advantage of the new Act! Growth Suite. Read More
I can really tailor my marketing with Act! Marketing Automation. And once the campaigns are set up, they happen automatically, so I can put more time and energy into other things.
Customer Results


  • Jeffrey’s sales volumes are generally 40% higher than other team members. One of the main contributing factors is his willingness to get the most out of technology like Act!.
  • Once the owner of Paul Homes saw how Jeffrey was using Act!, he made sure that others on the sales team learned how to use it more effectively.
  • Since the different elements of Act! Marketing Automation integrate seamlessly, Jeffrey no longer needs to re-key in information about his interactions with clients. That’s been a major time saver for him.


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