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With plans to expand its business internationally, agricultural chemical supplier 1,4GROUP has given its sales and relationship building process a boost by revisiting the way it was using Act! to make it even more effective.

Harvested crops that don’t last are no use to anyone. Not only do they leave supermarket shelves empty or filled with substandard produce, but they also mean that farmers don’t have the seed stock from which to grow next year’s food.

So a company like1,4GROUP, which supplies dormancy enhancing and sprout inhibiting agricultural chemicals to prevent potatoes from sprouting prematurely after harvest, plays a vital role in maintaining our food supplies.

With its headquarters in Idaho, one of America’s ‘potato states’, 1,4GROUP has a ready market for its products on the doorstep. However, with offices in Mexico, Canada and plans to expand internationally – the company is already selling into New Zealand, Thailand, the UK and will soon be moving into the rest of Europe – this is a global business that requires a robust approach to managing its sales.

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We only get to meet up in one place three or four times a year, but Act! brings the sales team together every day.
Customer Results


Thanks to Act!, 1,4GROUP has:

  • Been able to bring together a sales team that is geographically dispersed across states and even different countries.
  • Given the sales team a more efficient way to gather and access data, enabling them to build deeper relationships with many more prospective customers in the agricultural sector.
  • Allowed the sales team to better plan customer site visits so that their time is used more effectively when they are out in the field.
  • A robust follow-up process for ensuring potential sales opportunities aren't missed.
  • The ability to build knowledge and relationships fast as the company expands internationally into new markets.


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