Bike firm rides higher thanks to Act! CRM

Jan Kuipers

Held back by inadequate, self-built systems, the Netherlands’ leading bike parking firm, Jan Kuipers Nunspeet, decided it needed outside help and now uses Act! to ensure information flows more freely between its different operations.

When it comes to innovative solutions, Jan Kuipers Nunspeet is the go-to manufacturer in the Netherlands. Bike shelters, racks, benches, litterbins, bridges, protectors, anti-parking rails and bollards – you name it, Jan Kuipers Nunspeet makes it.

As a result, the company has carved out an impressive niche. for itself in this most bike-friendly of countries. Already an established supplier to government and large organizations, there are many more opportunities for Nunspeet to add to its list of contracts.

But until recently, one thing was holding back this nearly 90-year old company from even greater growth — it lacked a clear and complete picture of its customer base, a problem it remedied by turning to Act! CRM. Nunspeet’s Head of Purchasing and ICT Manager, John Herik, explains.

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"So, not only has Act! provided us with profitable new insights, but it’s also saving us lots of time."
Customer Results


There is much greater focus and effort on the best opportunities as the chances of winning new business can be much more accurately calculated.

Mailings and marketing campaigns can be much more effectively targeted at the most relevant audiences.

Communication and interaction between team members has been greatly improved.

Productivity has gone up, as data can now be saved in digital folders rather than physical binders, leading to time savings.


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