Recruitment consultant finds Act! to be the perfect match


The ability to store and search through a mountain of data about potential job applicants has enabled this recruitment consultant to build a highly successful recruitment business.

It’s often said that it’s not ‘what you know’, but ‘who you know’ - and in Fritz Eichelberger’s case, that couldn’t be more true.

Over the last 14 years, Fritz has built a highly successful recruitment consultancy, FJE Enterprises, by nurturing, managing and maintaining an impressive database of some 40,000 contacts.

But such a mountain of data on potential candidates’ job roles, skillsets, experience and locations would have little value if he wasn’t able to search it effectively to find the right people, for the right role, at the right time on behalf of his clients.

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Why would I be anything other than loyal to Act! when it’s helped bring me millions of dollars of profits!
Customer Results


  • Fritz has built a database of some 40,000 contacts which he stores and manages using Act!.

  • Since Fritz needs to continually touch base with those on his list, Act!’s ability to schedule call-backs and follow-ups at just the right moment is critical to his business operations.

  • Fritz now spends 80 to 90% of his day adding to and updating his database of connections so he can maintain dynamic relationships with both job candidates and potential clients.

  • To create the most streamlined possible recruitment process, Fritz ensures he’s using the latest Act! version so as to take advantage of new features that will make his business as efficient as possible.

  • While Fritz uses other platforms to gather information about people who might be able to fill a job, because he wants long-term control over that data, he makes sure it’s transferred to Act! for safekeeping.


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