Switching to Act! pays off for mortgage specialist


The ability of Act! to capture, retrieve and use customer information can give a small business the competitive advantage.

Whatever the size of your business, to offer a truly professional service you must be able to access customer information quickly and accurately. Fortunately, Act! has the flexibility to do exactly that, even for a small business.
Being pulled in all directions is just part of being a small business owner, constantly having to switch between bookkeeping, marketing and sourcing suppliers, as well as doing the work that actually makes you money. Having to do so much means that it’s easy to lose focus on customer service.
That’s a trap which Paul Barnden, a 25-year veteran of the mortgage broking business, was determined he wasn’t going to fall into, by making his firm, Portsmouth-based Barnden Financial Services, as professional as it could be by embracing the right technology. Read More
When every other small mortgage broker is embracing technology, I believe that Act! gives me an edge.
Customer Results


  • Much faster retrieval of archived material about his clients, which means Paul can save up to one hour a day.
  • Ability to react instantly when clients get in touch after what can be long periods.
  • Immediate access to client information gives the sense of professionalism that Paul wants for his business.
  • If problems do occur during the mortgage process, Paul can address them quickly, helping clients secure the homes that they want.
  • Act! offers a much more organized approach to communication, with clients being contacted at the right time and in the right way.
  • Act! is an uncomplicated system that’s simple to learn and use for any single person business that needs to manage its client base more effectively.


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