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Data is playing an increasingly larger role in the business world. We frequently hear about how big data is transforming the way large companies and other institutions operate.

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Whether you are operating a brick-and-mortar business or running an online venture, knowing your customer base should be your highest priority.

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Measuring Success in the New Year

As time goes by, the way in which companies measure success changes. Early on, companies generally only measured success by looking at the bottom line.

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Welcome to Act! Emarketing

Having features like highly user-friendly reports and dashboards, sales analytics charts and visualizations and sales automation among many others available...

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If you want your small business to grow and stay competitive, it's necessary to continually make adjustments and upgrades – not only to the products and/or services that you provide...

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If you’re not sure whether your email marketing campaigns are delivering results, you need to ask yourself two questions. First, do you have clearly articulated goals and, second, are you effectively measuring progress towards those goals?

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"Act! gave MVM exactly what they were looking for: a network-compatible customer database that included conversation logs and convenient search facilities, and was also compact and not overly complex to use." - MVM

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