5 Ways to Increase Awareness during National Small Business Week

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You are an integral thread in the social and economic fabric of your community. You had a vision and saw it through to completion. You create jobs, provide services and are important in the lives of your valued customers. You are a small business owner. You have so many reasons to stand up, be recognized and feel proud for all you have achieved.

And proud you should be. Take a moment to commend yourself for everything you have accomplished, the large and the small. Our country wants to celebrate right along with you. April 29th - May 5th is National Small Business Week. A week set aside to honor our national small businesses, small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

National Attention Creates Customer Awareness

National awareness brings the spotlight to you, and business owners like you. Whether you are an experienced business veteran or new to the business world, your business can prosper from this week of national recognition. There will be a lot of additional attention.  Small businesses will be highlighted at numerous events throughout the country and winning nominations will be announced throughout the week.

That means the focus and momentum created by national and media attention can directly impact your business. The emphasis on small businesses can put your organization in the forefront, and in the minds of your valued customers. This sets the stage for your business to capitalize on the national attention. 

Promote Your Small Business During National Small Business Week

This small business celebration is an opportunity for your business to benefit from the national and local attention, while celebrating alongside your community. It's a great time to grow your brand awareness and strengthen the bond with your ever-important customers.  

Because of the national attention, your customers, and potential customers, are probably a bit more aware of the benefits of doing their business with the small business owners in your community. You will potentially see your foot-traffic increase this week while under the spotlight. Take full advantage of this fortunate opportunity by participating in the celebration. You may want to consider adapting some of the following suggestions to fit your business model. Some suggestions for participation include: 

  • Increase your traffic with coupons or promotions by offering discounts during the week. Your business might benefit from a coupon good for a returning visit. Maybe your particular business would benefit from a week-long promotion rewarding customer participation. For example, a pastry shop owner could reward their patrons with a free or discounted delight on Friday, after consecutive visits Monday through Thursday.

  • Offer a one-day-only promotion for each day of the small business celebration. It would be beneficial to inform your audience of the upcoming events before April 29th, to promote participation and generate excitement. A restaurant might offer an entrée not typically found on the menu for each day of the celebration, while a salon could offer discounted treatments or products for each day of the week.

  • Take the opportunity to thank your supporters. A simple thank you is a powerful statement. Your thank you can take any form. The occasion of National Small Business Week provides you with a fabulous reason to send a thank you card to important If you prefer, send your thank you in an email, letting your customers know that you appreciate their ongoing support. Get creative and get the public talking about your business. You could even try uploading a thank you video on social media and encourage others to comment and share.

  • Set up a collaborative effort with other small businesses in your area. You may have the opportunity to enter an agreement with other small businesses in your neighborhood, or even across town. A popular form of collaboration offers a discount at one establishment when the receipt of a partnering establishment is presented by the customer. This is a mutually beneficial endeavor that can increase the business volume of all those participating.


  • Personalize your business history to attract and retain your customers. An impact study found that 93 percent of your potential customer base is compelled by personal stories. National Small Business Week may be the ultimate opportunity to make your personal history Use social media to your advantage, let your community in on how your business started, and how has grown and evolved. You may even want to share a bit of advice with aspiring small business owners.


The tradition of National Small Business Week celebrating local businesses dates back more than 50 years. You should celebrate right along with the rest of the nation. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for all of your accomplishments. Your business has a lasting impact on your customers, your local community and your local economy.

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