The new Act! is here and better than ever!

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In case you missed it, today we launched the latest version of Act! Growth Suite. Check out that announcement here.

Act! Growth Suite is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that provides SMBs with everything they need to successfully run and grow their business. The latest version delivers game-changing innovations, including all-new plans and pricing, a modernized user interface and a personalized home screen, and turnkey nurture marketing campaigns. Act! makes business goals a reality.

Let’s take a look at what’s new since the last release:

New plans and pricing:  users can now choose from a variety of affordable options that complement the needs of their business, no matter where they are on their growth journey.

Personalized home screen:  users can start their day from the all-new, personalized home screen. Think of this new view as a personalized “Act! hub”, enabling SMBs to navigate the application from an easy-to-use interface, keep track of important items, and engage with their customers – close deals, manage campaign leads, and view Call Lists. Make customizations to see what’s most relevant to your SMB and improve daily productivity. Users also have easy access to key getting started resources to get up and running quickly.

Modernized look and feel:  latest version comes with a modernized look and feel of Act! complete with a user-centric design approach, fresh colors, and all-new icons. This new in-product design is not only visually stunning, it helps users interact with key areas of Act! that aid in getting work done quickly and efficiently.

Marketing Automation features and insights:  users can quickly jumpstart their marketing efforts using turnkey, pre-built nurture campaigns that make it easy to send sales promotions, sales prospecting emails, webinar and event invitations, welcome emails, ongoing newsletters, and so much more. Additionally, subscribers will enjoy quick access to powerful Marketing Automation features and insights from the contact record—send a tracked email, add the selected contact into an existing campaign, and see contextual score and campaign data.

Targeted data for sales and marketing efforts:  create groups and advanced queries with the business- or industry-specific data in Custom Tables for use in targeted marketing and sales initiatives.

Mobile app improvements:  new mobile app improvements allow users to track interactions with customers while on-the-go. Flag calls, emails, and texts as history items to keep track of all interactions from wherever you are. Users can also tag and access frequently viewed customer records with the new Favorites feature.

Greater flexibility with custom charts:  drill-through to detailed customer and opportunity details from Act! Insight custom charts.

Act! Growth Suite provides users with everything they need to market like a pro, turn sales into leads, and win raving fans for life. Are you a business that is just getting started? Try the all-new Starter plan for free. Are you an established business with more complex needs? Check out our other plans here.