4 Ways to Increase Customer Retention After the First Sale

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The goal of all businesses is simple – make the sale. Take leads by the hand and guide them through the sales process to their first purchase. But that is just the beginning of the customer sales journey. But why put so much effort into that first conversion if you’re not going to follow up and secure the customer as someone who wants to come back again and again? The true goal now is customer retention and turning all your hard work from that first sale into a returning source of revenue and a loyal customer for your business.

So, how do you increase your customer retention from the moment they make that first purchase? Here are 4 simple and incredibly effective ways any business owner can make that customer return and continue to buy. 

Automatically Sign Up New Customers for Loyalty Membership

When a customer makes a purchase, they have already given you all the information you need to sign them up for the customer loyalty program. You have their name, email, and a clue about their taste in products from the first thing they purchased. Why ask them to sign up separately? Or potentially risk losing that first purchase record on their loyalty account?

Instead, the moment your customer completes their first purchase, automatically make that loyalty account and make sure every follow-up experience that customer has is consistent from there. Welcome them back as a loyal customer the second time they arrive or visit your site and it’s more likely that loyalty will become true.

Send a Personalized Thank-You Email

Of course, automatically making a loyalty account isn't all the engagement your customer will need. Email communication with new customers is imperative for developing long-lasting retention. Initially, you will naturally send a transactional receipt for the purchase itself. In addition, you will also want to send a more personalized email welcoming them to your community of buyers and thanking them for their very first purchase. Immediately introduce the idea that their first purchase is only the initial of many. And, that you will warmly welcome them back as a member of the customer family when they return for their second purchase, and every purchase after that.

Throw a Surprise Gift Into the Box

Happy surprises are also a great and easy way to introduce your customers to your brand. While most customers won't be surprised by your gracious welcome email, you can create an incentive to buy again by including a surprise gift in the box of their first purchase. A little extra thank-you gift goes a long way and subtly suggests that your customers often receive a little something more. Many will even buy again just to see if their second purchase also comes with a fun little gift.

Gifts in the box are an excellent way to encourage buyers to buy again and again - and the gifts don't have to be much! Tiny plush toys, USB sticks, any of the usual conference-style swag will amuse and delight customers and keep them spinning the wheel to find out what surprise is in their next order.

Offer an Opportunity to Earn a Discount

Similar to a surprise in the box, one-time customers enjoy a digital reason to shop again. After the first purchase, send an email incentivizing customers with a discount to come back and shop your products again. In fact, putting a little requirement on the discount often intrigues and adds an unusual spin that customers will log in to discover. For example, you might ask them to pick a few categories of products they like and in return for their data, they win a discount. Quite possibly in one of their favored categories.

Incentivizing first-time customers to come back a second time and making them feel welcome puts makes all your hard work on that first conversion all the more worth your while. For more automated marketing and customer retention tips, contact us today!