4 Building Blocks of Landing Pages That Convert

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The landing page may just be the most important element in your marketing strategy. It's the first thing that a visitor will see and within a fraction of a second, they will make the decision to leave or go further. Your advertising dollars will all be wasted if you can't turn a visitor into a customer. Low conversion rates are likely the result of an inadequate landing page. Regardless of how great your site is, if the landing page doesn't include these four building blocks, it simply won't convert.

You Can't Ignore Video

Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021, with almost 90% of digital marketers already using video as part of their online marketing strategy. There are statistics that can't be overlooked. The basic premise is that we would rather watch than read. A video on your landing page will:

  • Hold a visitor's attention longer
  • Establish a trust
  • Explain the product better

The bottom line with video on a landing page is that people who are already glancing at a landing page without a deep connection to your site simply won't take the time to read. A relatively short video will always be a more preferable alternative, resulting in a longer visit and ultimately a higher conversion rate.

Make Them an Offer

People love to get things for free. Ebooks or other digital products are ideal because they allow for instant gratification. When a visitor goes to your landing page and voluntarily gives you their email, they should be given something in return. Other good ideas for offers are free trials and discounts. This gets them a little more connected and provides some incentive to go further into your site.

Less is More

You should aim to keep the landing page as minimal as possible. Don't include a navigation bar or a lot of copy on the landing page. Ramona Sukhraj with iMPACT compiled some great examples of excellent landing pages. In each case, the landing page is designed to focus the visitor on a specific concept and nothing more. Make sure you include a call-to-action that will specifically tell your visitors what to do (click the video, contact us, enter your email, etc.)

Proof from Others

People aren't going to take your word that what you are offering is amazing. They will be more likely though to believe others like themselves. Testimonials are great (video is best,) as are basic statistics based on your customers (100% five-star customer ratings, etc.) If you've been mentioned positively in the media, that's a great source of proof as well. This information builds trust very quickly and is worth including on your landing page.

Monitor and Adjust

Including the above building blocks on your landing page is simply a recipe for success. The final necessary step is to monitor your page performance and make adjustments accordingly. You should develop and use multiple landing pages to drive more traffic. Test them and see which ones perform the best. Use the pages that convert the best and dump the ones that don't. It is a constant trial and error but it is definitely a productive use of your time.

Ultimately every landing page is designed to accomplish a specific goal. Make sure the visitor gets the most important detail of what you are selling so they can make the decision to look further into your site. Using video to explain what you are offering, while giving them something is crucial. When you include these elements, along with proof from customers, you don't have to have much else to get a landing page that converts. For more information on making the most out of online marketing, you can find more useful tips on the Act! blog.