4 Ideas for Better Blog Content

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Blogging continues to be a very successful online avenue when you consider this form of marketing costs 62% less compared to traditional advertising endeavors and generates three times more leads. Content marketing is expected to reach the $300 billion dollar mark this year with over two million of these posts being published daily. Given these numbers, implementing these posts are both relevant and important for today's businesses, but often authors struggle with finding new content for blogs and need ways of conquering "writer's block."

While there are plenty of websites out there offering information on topics that are trending, conversations that are current, what's hot and what's not, often they don't address certain aspects of different businesses and industries. In this light, here are four of the best out-of-the-box ideas for getting better and more importantly successful content for our company's blog posts:

More Timely Connections

As we discussed in a previous post on starting a successful business blog, having a schedule in place in association with when to post different types of data according to a specific date, makes for more timely and relevant content. Another way to achieve similar results is by performing an online search including the type of your industry along with the word "news" along with the current year to see what's happening in the headlines relative to your business. Don't forget to insert a link to the article and ensure it's from a well-recognized and highly-respected source of information.

Alternative Ways of Sharing Your Story

Some people aren't aware that one of the most popular places on any given business website is the "About Us" or the history of the company page. Over half of today's online users review this type of information after landing on a home page and authors of blogs need to take advantage of this fact. Most often readers are looking at this content for a sense of how long a company has been in business, looking for positive reviews or awards a company may have received in the past. So when it comes to blog content consider posting:

  • Behind-the-scenes information about your products, industry, business, company, services provided, etc.
  • Recent accolades, achievements, awards or other ways your organization was recently highlighted in the press or showcased online
  • Ways your company has struggled, dealt with blunders and overcame problems in the recent past

Recognizing failures along with success connects with customers who appreciate the fact a company is willing to share this type of information and is not afraid to admit they've had setbacks. It also shows they're able to bounce back during troubling times and continue to thrive despite adversities along the way.

Following and Featuring Influencers

Speaking of recognized and respected sources, the growth of influencers online continues to be on the rise. Influencers are often utilized to help marketers promote their products or industry via their online presence i.e. social media followers. You don't necessarily need to contract these content creators directly for their successful marketing strategies since the information from their posts can be repurposed. Think of it this way, if you're following a popular blogger like Neil Patel and he publishes a post relative to your business, you could either piggyback on his article in some way or do a spin-off piece in consideration of this content.

Ask and You Shall Receive

One method of connecting with your audience is by offering the exact content they're looking for by directly requesting this information from them either in an email campaign or on social media. Questions to consider include:

  • What type of articles or information they're seeking
  • Business relative processes or products they're struggling with and offering how-to guides to assist them
  • Their favorite types of posts they read the most

For our final question, when it's time to ramp up your marketing endeavors, why not try a free trial of the premium Act!? Not only does it come at no up-front cost, but there's also nothing to download and we won't ask for your credit card information. If you have any questions about everything Act! will do for your business, please feel free to contact us today.