Simplifying the Digital Marketing Mindset for SMBs

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Developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy can easily become overwhelming and overly time-consuming for SMBs today. With all the choices available and the myriad of expertise chiming in on the best strategy and products to adopt, marketing managers for SMBs can often become over-extended while generating poor results.

Spending too much time using solutions that are supposed to save time is a conundrum of modern day digital marketing tactics. SMBs are better off simplifying their digital marketing tactics by using a minimalist approach; in other words, forming an effective strategic mindset is more important than always chasing the latest products and tactics.

Development of Basic Digital Marketing Tactics

While having an innovative CRM tool to use is important, the main focus should be on the development of basic digital marketing tactics; there's no substitute for hard work when it comes to building relevant email lists, organizing contacts, creating content, and consistently engaging target audiences through effective digital marketing campaigns.

Whether using PPC ads, social media and email marketing, or direct media tactics, the end goal is to engage audiences and make sales. Essentially, SMBs need to align their efforts with their desired results; each business needs to decide on the combination of digital tactics they want to use and then exploiting the potential of each.

Choosing an Effective Combination of Digital Tactics

Developing an effective combination of digital tactics and then exploiting their potential is a solid strategy. What SMBs want to avoid is spreading themselves thin by trying to do too much with limited time and resources.

The main idea is for each SMB to find what works for them and simply improve on it. While it may seem like the grass is greener on the other side, if SMBs continue to abandon their tactics before they're fully developed, they'll always be in the shallow water when it comes to results.

Finding the best combination of digital tactics should be the initial goal for SMBs; this will differ for each business depending on their:

  • preferences
  • talent base
  • resources
  • products/services
  • location
  • target audience

For instance, while Facebook may work the best for the majority of businesses when it comes to generating engagement, Pinterest may be more appealing for a certain SMB because their marketing director is more proficient with their interface; or, maybe an SMB is more proficient with making videos than writing blogs, etc.

The main idea is for each SMB to choose a combination of digital platforms and tactics to use that best suits their needs, rather than adopting a cookie-cutter solution that works for the majority of SMBs according to industry thought leaders.

Organization and Consistency

In order to build and take advantage of email lists and social followings, SMBs need to have adequate organizational and digital marketing tools. This doesn't mean marketing managers needs to develop expertise with every new and old digital marketing tool available, yet having a solid CRM solution with marketing automation tools would be very helpful.

The main goal for SMBs is to consistently produce and deliver content through their unique combination of digital tactics while organizing the results effectively. Basically, this means building a foundation where email lists can grow and target audiences can be consistently engaged with relevant content.

Email and social media marketing automation tools can be used effectively at this point to consistently deliver content and generate results. SMBs, especially, can benefit from using marketing automation to engage their preferred social media platforms and email lists; instead of spending the time creating and delivering digital campaigns, content managers for SMBs can work on generating new and exciting content and strategies to stay relevant to their target audiences.


SMBs are vulnerable to using their time ineffectively with digital marketing efforts while generating poor results. There are so many different solutions and tactics being promoted, marketing managers can easily become stretched too thin in their pursuit of the best strategy, tactics, and products.

By focusing on choosing a unique combination of digital tactics and developing an organized and consistent approach for campaign creation and delivery, SMBs can simplify their digital marketing strategies and achieve optimal results. Adopting a solid CRM solution with email and social media marketing automation tools is a great place to start. If interested in learning more please contact us today.