Get Automated: How Marketing Automation Helps Small Businesses Grow

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If you read the doom and gloom about automation, AI, and other modern technology, you might be wondering how it is going to impact your small business. 

We cannot tell the future, but we can offer you an open door to use automation and behavior based computer programs to improve your business's success. 

Get Automated

Small business marketing often requires many, many interactions with a lead before that lead becomes a customer. This process, called lead nurturing, often distracts small business owners from the process and product they deliver to their customers. The tension between getting new customers and serving old customers only grows with your business. 

That is where a CRM with marketing automation really helps a business owner grow their small business. 

How does it help? It helps by making many of the lead-nurturing items happen automatically, like the following:

  • Email Marketing - As people express interest in a small business, a smart system will send them the regular emails automatically. Items like welcome emails, requests for additional information, or even a free email course for potential customers. 
  • Behavior-Based Segmentation - How a lead behaves in relation to marketing material changes how they should be classified. Marketing automation will segment contact lists based on activities a lead does, like indicating a desire to purchase or requesting customer service.
  • Activity Triggers - Some behavior requires new segmentation like a customer never opens an email, or lands on a page but doesn't fill out a form. Other activities require action on the business owner or salespeople's' parts. A good CRM will notify the right team member when their lead has requested a demo, signed up for a webinar, etc.
  • Scheduling - Scheduling sales calls is difficult. Scheduling sales calls for a busy small business owner or team member is nearly impossible, without a CRM with marketing automation capability. Shared calendars, API integration between the CRM and Office/Calendar tools, seamless management of appointments all reduce the stress and workload of small business owners.
  • Manage eCommerce - Sales made through a website often increase the workload of a team beyond what many businesses can afford. The right software integrates with eCommerce software and ensures that communication and the right actions are taken when orders come through any electronic marketing channel. 

Manage Growth Through Automation

As you can see, Customer Relationship Management (That's what CRM stands for) software is a key factor in accelerating small business growth. Because of the amount of work involved in providing services and products, increasing the number of customers, and creating new marketing content, businesses find the cost of a CRM to be much less than the labor costs of managing customer information and responding to each activity manually. 

These cost savings give you the ability to hire team members for core activities that actually involve serving and connecting with potential customers. Since energy is not being spent on mundane tasks, you will be able to focus on growth

Then, when this growth happens, marketing automation is scalable. You have the system in place, as you grow, you can focus on ironing out difficulties and serving customers. Many manual tasks are easy when you are small but become impossible as you grow; do not be a business owner who refuses to grow because of the increased labor costs of managing data and customer interactions. 

Marketing automation does not decrease your personal interactions with customers; it frees you to connect with them more. Because of this, managed growth through a CRM and marketing automation software is a key need for all small business owners. For more information on marketing automation check out this blog