5 Email Marketing Ideas For Non-Profits

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If you're a non-profit, you need to be taking advantage of the power of email marketing. It's a great way to get the word out about your organization, and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Email marketing is an affordable way for non-profits to stay in touch with their supporters. Here are 5 ways non-profits should be using email marketing. 

1. Event Announcements

Your list of email contacts is the perfect place to advertise your organization’s upcoming events. Keep these emails simple, but be sure to include important details like the reason the event is taking place and how it will benefit your non-profit. Include the time, place, proper attire, and a link to a map to the venue. Make sure links to buy tickets are easy to find.

2. Donation Requests

Did you know that email marketing is responsible for up to 1/3 of online fundraising revenue? Put that power to work for your non-profit and send out an email request for donations. There are a few ways you can make your donation campaign stand out from the crowd.

  • Use images. A great picture of your volunteers making a difference really tell the story of what your organization is all about. 
  • Be specific. Describe exactly how the money raised from the campaign is going to be used in your organization. Are you planning a trip, raising funds for property improvements, or need donations for much needed supplies? When your supporters know exactly what they are donating for, they are likely to give more.
  • Include simple ways to give. Make sure your donation process is smooth and simple, and make the links to donate very clear within the email. 

3. Saying Thank You

Make sure your supporters know how much your non-profit appreciates them. After all, you wouldn't exist without them. Sending out regular emails showing your thanks is a great idea for any non-profit. Make sure your organization has a warm and welcoming email that is automatically generated when someone joins your email list. Then continue to build the relationship by regularly thanking them for being a part of your non-profit family. 

4. Newsletters

A monthly newsletter should be a part of every non-profit’s email marketing plan. Newsletters can include the latest news, links to your social media pages, a photo gallery, and pretty much anything you want to include that provides valuable and interesting information to your supporters. Some things to include in a successful newsletter are:

  • Profiles on your volunteers. This is a great way to personalize your organization and bring your readers behind the scenes.
  • A calendar of events. Choose a few events to highlight, and link back to the main event page on your organization's web site. 
  • Ways your non-profit has impacted the community. This is a great chance to show donors how important your efforts have been to the area served. 
  • Selections from your blog. Include the headlines and a few lines of text, and encourage readers to click through to read the blogs in their entirety.

5. Donor Spotlights

Make your biggest donors feel extra special by giving them their own personal spotlight email. This can include personal details about the donor, what he or she has done for your organization, and of course a picture (make sure to get their approval). Another great idea is to conduct an interview with the donor to include in the email, detailing what your organization means to them and why they chose to get involved. 

These are 5 reasons to send out emails to your organization's contact list, and non-profits should be incorporating them into their email marketing plans as soon as possible. For more email marketing tips, check out this blog about optimizing your business email signature.