The Email Signature: Don't Miss Out On This Powerful Marketing Tool

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When it comes to email marketing, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your business every day. It's the humble email signature, a powerful email marketing tool that may have slipped your mind. Whether it's your signature in your weekly newsletter, or the one in your daily email exchanges, it's time to give your company's email signature another look. 

Use your email signature to its full advantage. 

Your signature can be a lot more than "Best Regards," and your company's contact information. Stop thinking of it as a set-it-and-forget-it tool. Your email signature is something you should be changing on a regular basis. The ideas below will help you kick your email marketing into high gear just by using your business's email signature more effectively. 

1. Promote an event.

Your signature is a great place to add a description of an upcoming event. Do you have a networking cocktail hour, public festival, or golf tournament to promote? Include a quick description and a link for readers to get more information or register. 

2. Direct readers to your podcast.

Does your business deliver an informative podcast? Your email signature is a great place to provide a quick link to your latest presentation. Use a catchy title that describes exactly how listening to the podcast will benefit the reader. 

3. Promote your social media pages.

Links to your social media feeds are one thing that should live permanently in your email signature. Use each social media's image instead of a text link for instant recognition. These images are readily available online for your use. 

4. Ask people to register for a webinar or conference. 

Make it easy for your clients to register for upcoming webinars or conferences that your business is hosting. It's a great way to increase interest and boost attendance levels. 

5. Offer your contacts an exclusive discount. 

Everyone loves to save money, and they also love feeling special. Give them both with a discount available only to recipients of that email. It's an easy way to drive additional traffic to your product pages. 

6. Share an informative eBook or video.

If you've taken the time to write an eBook or created a video for your business, drive some traffic to them by including a brief description and link in your email signature. 

7. Advertise your referral program.

Have an awesome referral program that could save your customers some money? Share the love! Add a link to your email signature that links back to the referral program page on your website.

8. Reinforce your brand.

Be sure to include the image of your brands actual logo in your email signature, not just the company name. This reinforces your brand with your customers with each and every email you send. Make sure this image is an active link back to your website that opens in a new tab. 

9. Whatever you do, make it bold.

Don't let your signature blend in with the rest of your email. Make it stand out by using a larger font, different color font, or, choose to use an image instead of text. For example, your signature could be an eye-catching, linked banner ad about something you are promoting.

Don't underestimate the power of your email signature. Use some or all of the ideas above to drive traffic to your website and promote your business in a variety of ways. Ready to grow your business? Try Act! for free!