Act! - 30 Years of Awesomeness

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Pat started her firm in 1998 and specializes in business and process management consulting with an emphasis on technology.  Patricia Egen Consulting consists of a team of Act! Certified Consultants and IBM business partners. The company does consulting, custom programming, training, installation and support. You can find more on Pat and her team at Egen Consulting.

1993 was a year I will remember forever. During that year, I was working for a large insurance company in Tennessee. For the CIO, I was the “project person” and my task was to find a solution for contact management. After a quite a bit of research, I settled on Act! and from there my team and I rolled out Act! v3 to over 3,000 insurance agents all over the country.

What amazed me almost immediately was how powerful it was to have everyone with a common process and a common goal.

Each branch office could see what was happening with the clients and everyone was on the same page. The home office could see what was happening at the branches and the regional offices.

And that is one of the key strengths of Act!. Everything about the customer is in one place. Customer service knows what Sales had sold and said. Operations can record issues which are then seen by Sales and Customer Service.

We all live in a busy world.  We need tools to keep us on track and ahead of the curve. Did we send out those emails? When was the last time we called the customer? What product were they interested in.  The reps at the insurance group found out having this information at their fingertips was instrumental in closing more business.

It is just impossible to keep track of everything via sticky notes or yellow pads. Add in the fact the customer may call into the receptionist and you are not around, it's great to have the information available.  That happens in our own organization. Yes - we use Act! as well. Our Sales Consultant can quickly see what has been happening and the customer gets an immediate answer. That is so powerful.

30 years ago (yes, it’s the birthday of Act!), a gentleman named Pat Sullivan, was in an overly busy environment. He was living in a yellow pad world. He needed something to keep him sane. So, he designed Act! and the rest is history.

If you live in a busy world and are keeping track of things in Outlook, spreadsheets, or yellow pads (yes, that is still happening, everywhere), then you need a tool like Act! to help you survive and grow.

It helped us back in 1993. We were able to leverage what Pat developed and roll it out country-wide. That is so powerful. A product developed by Sales, for Sales. But it's so much more. It turns out it's not just Sales.  It's customers. Relationships. Management.

It's still helping us.