CRM: The Secret Behind a Better Business

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Every business begins and ends with their customers. That means how those customers are treated, from start to finish and throughout the customer relationship needs to be a high priority.

"78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience."

Of course, that isn't news but it does illuminate the importance of using CRM to improve customer service and more... 

Build better relationships

Have you ever run into that fast talking salesman who starts acting like your best friend of ten years after ten minutes? While the goal of the poor misguided salesperson is right, that approach is both offensive and off-putting.

In today's information-driven world, expediting those relationships isn't so far-fetched as the scenario above. That is because the right CRM will do the work of learning years’ worth of relationship building information in a few short customer interactions. 

CRM will empower these relationships by keeping rich contact details, emails, documents, notes, history, activities, social media updates, and more in one, easy to find place. In a brief scan over some customer details, the customer service rep will have an understanding of who is on the other end.

This kind of information will not only foster connection throughout the life of the customer relationship, it will also promote more closes. By using these relationship tools to nurture the customer throughout the buyer's journey, an increase in sales can be expected.

Close more deals and stay connected

Using CRM to stay plugged in longer, more often and from more locations will equate to not missing the opportunity to close a deal. That kind of availability rarely goes unnoticed by your customers as well, which will help to further establish trust and confidence. Those are two qualities that can definitely be a boon to closing that big deal.

"A recent study by Nucleus Research found that mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6%... ."

CRM goes where you go, enabling you to be productive from wherever you work—the office, home, or the road—whether you're online or offline. This means that your big lead that could be a game-changer won't ever be at risk of missing that one vital message, email, call or text.

Efficient and Effective

It may not be quite as annoying as that pushy, too friendly too fast salesperson but waiting for the rep to pull up your files, get a balance and so on, can get aggravating quick. CRM allows connectivity to many popular business apps like Outlook®, Google™, QuickBooks® Online, and more.

So your customer service representatives will be efficient, look smart and leave your customers impressed. That is efficient and effective CRM when it is utilized properly. There is more to customer service today than being polite and friendly. Yes, that still counts but what your customers really want is service that is helpful, fast and available. Those sales numbers and customer relationships are all built on delivering that kind of service.

CRM and Better Business

Delivering excellent customer service is a fast way to make your business better and it should be what your business is already doing, right? Using CRM extends that service into the customer relationship and will improve your already great customer service operation while increasing sales.

Doing business better includes a strategy that involves CRM and CRM means a better business in the end. If you want to learn more about how to improve your customer service or evaluate your customer relationship management strategy, contact us

Build relationships that count, deliver customer service that makes them remember and use CRM to help your team close more deals. Using CRM means running a better business and that is good for you and your customers – try Act! for free today!