How to Create an Outstanding Email Marketing Campaign

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When it comes to growing your business by leaps and bounds, email marketing needs to be a part of your plan. A great email campaign has a proven track record of success for several businesses. But, how do you make it work for you? People get hundreds sometimes thousands of emails a day. How does a company keep their emails out of their customer's spam folders? How do they create an email campaign that has a positive ROI?   

Tips and tricks to make your email marketing campaign rock:

When you first start your email campaign you may have many questions. The biggest one being how many are opening my emails?

  • Never stop building your subscriber list – Your subscribers are interested in what you have to offer. They find your content beneficial to them. Don't stop building your list simply because you think it is large enough. Keep growing the list of warm interested leads through your campaign.
  • Create an interactive email experience – You want your readers engaged. By crafting an email that encourages a reply they will be more engaged in conversation. Evaluate the subject line of each email you send out. But, don't be afraid to let your personality shine through too. Your readers want to hear from you, that is why they subscribed in the first place.
  • Content segmentation – Segmenting your customers based on the criteria set up will help your campaign be more targeted and personal. Create a separate email for each group. You want to address each group needs and wants to show how you can solve their problems. Go the extra mile and use their name in the email, it will start the relationship on the right foot.
  • Be familiar with spam rules – You want to be familiar with the spam regulations. One example is the CAN-SPAM-Act. This goes back to growing your email list. Are your recipient's subscribers? Or are they part of your target market? It's important to be familiar with spam filters. If you tip off the spam filters your email will wind up in the trash even though the recipient opted in.

Best practices for a successful campaign:

The last thing you want is a bunch of unsubscribes. Or worse, no return on your investment for the campaign. So, it's important to follow a few best practices to increase your chances of success.

  • Call to action – you've got your prospects attention and they've opened the email. You don't want to lose that momentum with a sub-par call to action, or no call to action at all. There should not be any ambiguity in the CTA. It should be clear and direct. Prospects need to know exactly what you want out of them. Don't overwhelm your email with the CTA, but make sure they can't miss it.
  • Consistent design – It's important to be consistent with your design. You don't want the person to wonder who sent this email. They should know by looking at the design that it is your style.
  • Give and take – What do your customers get out of being on your subscriber list? Before you take their information, there should be something in it for them. A free eBook or some other promotional item in return for their email address.

How to build your campaign:

For you to execute a successful campaign, you must make sure you have a solid foundation to work off. A couple things need to be in place before you launch.

  • Be sure to include a follow-up plan – You put all this work into developing your list, you don't want to lose your subscribers because you didn't follow up. Use auto-responders to buy you some time to craft a thoughtful response. Your readers need to know you will get back to them.
  • Test your success – make sure you are always testing the success of each launch to come up with areas of improvement. There are several analytics programs you can use to tweak and test each aspect of your campaign.

Don't forget the holidays:

The holidays are a great time to launch an email campaign. But, it requires a change in your strategy.

  • Focus on the specific holiday – Make sure your email is time sensitive to the holiday. If you are going to have a sale around a date, make sure there is a deadline to redeem the offer a little after the holiday.
  • Have a featured product or service for the event – This will create a sense of urgency for your readers. It is a seasonal offer that will only be available for a short time.

Well executed email marketing campaigns have a proven track record of success. By following a few tips, you can successfully turn those subscribers into sales. Are you looking to launch an email marketing campaign and grow your business? Start your free trial today and see what Act! can do for your business.