Top 5 reasons to move to the Cloud

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Today we announced the availability of the all-new Act! Premium Plus and version 20.1. Read more about the announcement here. Act! Premium Plus offers subscribers the tools they need to quickly and easily adapt Act! CRM to meet their unique needs. Here are the top 5 reasons to move your subscription to the cloud for ultimate flexibility:

1. Work from anywhere, anyhow. Get instant online access to Act! Premium solutions in the Cloud from your laptop, tablet, and mobile device. Work online for real-time access or work offline and sync changes when you connect next.

2. Offload the technical details. From initial setup to ongoing software management, we take care of the technical details. Enjoy concierge service from onboarding experts that help you get started. Receive automatic product and compatibility updates with no action taken by you.

3. Leverage a modern, secure platform. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Act! Premium solutions in the Cloud give you best-in-class security, performance, and reliability. Automatic nightly backups and recovery protect your data from loss or damage. Private Cloud option available.

4. Save big on upfront costs. Forget about high upfront costs for servers and other infrastructure. With Act! Premium solutions in the Cloud, you only need to plan for a fixed monthly expense, while the rest is handled for you.

5. Change and grow with ease. Need to add additional users, increase storage, improve performance? Act! Premium solutions in the Cloud are nimble. Changes can all be handled dynamically, without disruption to your users.

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