How to Grow Customer Relationships over Social Media

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Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have as a marketer. It can drive traffic to your website, supercharge your content marketing strategy, and connect you with influencers around the world. But there's something else that social media can do that most brands forget about: It can grow the relationship between you and your customers.  

Take PowerSpike for example. PowerSpike is an influencer marketing platform for live streamers. And over the course of only 6 months, they've increased their social media followings by 150% and grown a fantastic community of users, all with the power of Twitter and Facebook. How did they do it, you ask? It's simple. They took advantage of 3 proven social media marketing strategies:  

1. They interacted with their users on a daily basis.

I'm sure you're already aware of the benefits of interacting with your social media following. But here's the thing: PowerSpike took it to another level.  

Each time a new user signed up to their site, they would manually find their Twitter account and add them to a Twitter list filled with their other users. Then in the afternoons, PowerSpike would interact with their user's posts, providing funny commentary or useful advice where they saw fit. They didn't link spam. They didn't self-promote. They simply talked with the people who used their site.  

Shortly after they started interacting with their users, PowerSpike's user retention rate skyrocketed by 40%. Users who had forgotten about PowerSpike were now seeing their name on a daily basis, and it motivated them to check out the platform again. But the benefits didn't stop there.  

PowerSpike also noticed that after an afternoon of interaction, the number of user signups they received the next day would increase dramatically. Why? Their user's followers were also seeing their comments. And out of curiosity, they would check out the site and sign up to see what it was about. This led to more users, which meant more Twitter interactions, which meant higher impressions.  

PowerSpike's user interaction strategy was one of the most successful social media strategies they ever implemented. But they didn't stop there.  

2. They also collaborated with their users.

At the beginning of every month, PowerSpike would select one of their users to be a "PowerSpike Featured Streamer". Each month's Featured Streamer would have a full-length video produced about their live stream, an article written about them on their Medium publication, and special spot in their newsletter -- all completely free.  

The program turned out to be a fantastic way to turn regular users into brand ambassadors. On top of that, it convinced other users that PowerSpike truly wanted to help them succeed on Twitch, and it got them excited for a chance to win a ton of promotion. But perhaps the most important of all: It received a ton of exposure. Their Featured Streamers couldn't help but share the videos and articles PowerSpike created about them.

3. Lastly, they were responsive.  

PowerSpike understood the value of social media as a customer service tool. Most businesses are slacking on customer service over social media. If you send them a tweet or a DM, there's a good chance you'll have to wait at least 24 hours before you get a response. But not with PowerSpike.  

24 hours a day, 30 days a month, PowerSpike was looking for questions or concerns over their social media private messages and mentions. When new users signed up to PowerSpike, they'd send them a DM asking if they had any questions about the service. And if their users ever sent them a message, they'd see that triple-dotted bubble on the other side of the screen before they could even close the chat window.  

They wanted to be more than responsive. They wanted to be instantly responsive -- and they were. PowerSpike understood that every moment their service wasn't living up to expectations was a moment their users could use to go somewhere else. The execution of their social media channels ensured that didn't happen.  

By now, you should have some great ideas for you how you can please your customers or users over social media. But here's the thing:  

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