4 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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When done correctly, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. It allows you to communicate with potential customers on a personal level, in a location they visit practically every day - their inboxes. However, achieving email marketing success is not always easily done. In some cases, businesses will run these campaigns for months or years, seeing little success along the way. If you have an ongoing email marketing program, and you think there is some room for improvement, here are 4 tips to try. 

Hire A Copy Writer – Is writing not your forte? Outsource, contract, or hire a professional copy writer. The most important aspect of your email is the content within it. You need to craft and email that has not only an engaging subject, but valuable and well-written information in the message. Unfortunately, not all of us are great writers, or have the time to craft the perfect message. To ensure that the emails you are sending out are well-written, consider hiring someone to do this for you.

A professional copy writer will work with you to find the right tone and subject matters for the email, and then take care of all the writing for you. It's an added expense, but if it improves the success rate of your campaign, it might be worth it. 

Use Images and GIFs - When people receive an email, they likely don't want just a block of text. The email needs to be visually appealing, which means formatting and using images. The emails you send out are a great place to include images of recent company events, new products, or at least the logo of your company. You can also use images to break up the text, so that it is easier to read. 

One option that many businesses are now using is to include GIFs inside their emails. GIFs are essentially short videos or animated pictures. They can be used to either add some humor to an email, or to provide more information. For instance, if you want to showcase your new website design, you could include a short GIF showing how it works. GIFs add some life to your emails, and help them to stand out from the crowd. 

Offer An Incentive - Before anyone reads the emails you send out, they need to sign up for them. Getting a customer to sign up for your newsletter/email marketing campaign is often the hardest part. To do this, consider offering an incentive at the sign-up location. For example, anyone who signs up for your newsletter could receive a discount on their first purchase, or access to an eBook you wrote. Include a message about the incentive right where the sign-up button is, and this will hopefully get more people to enter in their email address. 

Split Test - Finally, you want to track the success of your email campaigns, and make improvements as you go along. A great way to do this is through split testing. Split testing is when you present different customers two versions of the same thing - each one with slight differences - and track which one performs better. You can then use this information to improve all of your emails going forward.

So for example, you could send out two emails, they each have the same copy, but one uses images and the other does not. If the one that uses images performs better, you could then use images in all of your emails. After that, you would split test something else, like the subject line, or the call to action. 

Always Look For Ways to Improve

Just because an email marketing campaign is not performing as well as you might like at the moment, doesn't mean you should give up. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak and your campaign will drastically improve. To learn more tricks to improve your email marketing campaign or for tips on how to grow your business – connect with us today.