Consistency is an Essential Part of the Customer Experience

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From the moment a customer has his first contact with you until the time the sale or service, you are providing him with experiences that he will use to form opinions of your company. These experiences will be used to determine whether to do business with you, what he thinks of doing so, whether he will do so again, and what he will say about you. Therefore, every step is crucial to your business' success. Here are some of the things you can do to set the right tone from the start and carry it throughout the customer relationship:

Keep Your Brand Image Consistent

Inconsistent branding takes many forms, but most often, it seems to arise when new technology is brought into play. Therefore, it is likely to affect companies that are growing rather than those that are brand new or well-established.

As you bring in new practices or technologies, such as by adding an email list, make sure everything has the same look and feel. It's shocking how many firms have fancy stores that use one color scheme and logo, but use plain-text email or an entirely different logo for their website. Plain-text email is a favorite of spammers, so it should definitely be avoided. The site needs to carry the store branding too - that's how visitors know they're in the right place.

Of course, any brick-and-mortar accoutrements should be uniform as well. Business cards, flyers, and mass-media advertising should all work together to let the person know who you are and that your materials are really from you.

Enforce a Uniform Customer Service Policy

Disparities in customer service friendliness, helpfulness, and overall tone have been appearing more and more often thanks to the rise of social media. The most common scenarios involve awful telephone support and great Twitter responsiveness. Alternatively, customers may get great service on the phone, but no meaningful response to their Facebook messages. Having one or more effectively-useless communication channels does your company more harm than good as it is, but it's even more annoying when getting the better service requires signing up for another site or having to call when it'd be inconvenient to do so.

Surprisingly, huge companies are affected by this the most - but this doesn't mean that yours is safe if it isn't a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. No matter the size of your business, be sure to provide fast, courteous, and meaningful customer service through all support channels: The phones, your online chat, email, social media, and if you have a store, in person. When newer technology arrives, ensure that you incorporate it and use well-trained employees to staff it.

Remember that customer service isn't just the act of solving problems or answering questions. For brick-and-mortar companies in particular, it also involves the way salespeople, clerks, and other staff members behave toward customers. It even includes how they treat each other, at least when in view of the public. Make sure everyone is both professional and approachable at all times. Local variations in expected friendliness levels should also be given a nod. For example, in the South, a very friendly attitude is the norm, while in the North, a briefer and more "businesslike" approach is typical.

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