Customer Service Week: How to Celebrate with Your Key Customers

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National Customer Service Week was first established by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) in 1984 and later declared a national event by the U.S. Congress in 1992. While originally designed as an opportunity for companies to recognize the efforts of their employees, now it's time to include your customers as well. Here are several ways to involve your most valued customers in 2017's Customer Service Week (October 2nd though the 6th), ensuring that your organization fosters a long-term partnership with employees and customers alike.

Have a cookout or a fall festival.

Celebrate the fall, thank your employees, and allow your customers in on the fun. Throw a fall festival for your employees and their families, and include your key customers and their families. The event could be as simple as offering a free meal of hotdogs, chips, and soft drinks -- but be sure to include some sort of game or other activity where employees and customers participate in teams. For a more scaled-up event, you can design an all-day festival with a carnival, hayrides, a pumpkin-carving contest, bobbing for apples -- the works.

Throw a raffle.

Involve both your customers and employees. And be sure to give away a product or service that will allow employee winners to really get to know the superior quality of the goods and services your company offers -- and that will leave any customer winner eager to get more out of what your business has to offer. 

Host an early "trick-or-trunk."  

Celebrate Halloween early with your employees and customers with this exciting family event. Invite the families of your employees and key customers to an early "trick or trunk" -- a safe, contained Trick-or-Treat event offered in the early evening on Friday or Saturday. Employees decorate their cars and fill their trunks with candy. And children wear their favorite Halloween costumes as they take part in a safe and fun prelude to the trick-or-treating rituals that come at the end of the month. At some point during the evening, have the event leader introduce the employee participants and acknowledge their achievements by giving out small awards and certificates. You can also hold a contest for the night's best children's costume, the best grown-up costume, and/or the best-decorated car. 

Have your employees write thank-you notes to customers.

As part of your organization's internal celebration of customer service week, this Forbes article reminds us, you'll want your employees to write personal thank-you notes to your customers. This is a great time for your employees to include coupons and discount opportunities in the envelopes along with their personal expression of appreciation for making the partnership between customer service representatives and clients possible. 

Host an online forum.

Lastly, design an online forum for the week in which customers and employees become acquainted and show their appreciation to each other interactively. By letting your employees interact and engage with your key customers online during this important week, you'll build a community around your products and services in a way that you had not established before. And you'll instill a relationship based on inclusivity, loyalty, and trust for all involved.

Any idea that brings your employees and key customers together to celebrate as a team during Customer Service Week is worth implementing. But remember the goal: You want to boost morale among your employees, raise their awareness about the impact they have on customers, and let them understand how much their efforts count when it comes to the success of your organization. Here at Swiftpage, we are celebrating by holding a company-wide foosball tournament, various mini competitions throughout the week, and a National Customer Service Week themed Tasty Tuesday (a special catered luncheon).

In short, Customer Service Week is a great time to bring your customers and employees together. We’d love to hear what ideas you come up with! Feel free to leave them in the comments on our Facebook page.