Tailoring Your Customer Experience at Every Step

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Without customers, there would be no need to make products or provide services; marketing would be completely useless and all that work your company does to increase efficiency and bring down overhead would be moot. The good news is that customers are here to stay and we need to show them how much we value them more during every interaction. The number of customers you have and, very importantly, what they say about being customers of your company matters a great deal and will strongly influence your ability to grow. Naturally, with customers holding such an important role in your business, it would be wise to fine-tune every single aspect of their experience with your company.

The Grand Tour Method

If a prominent figure in your industry was going to visit your company and tour the facilities, you'd want to give them a truly amazing tour that would impress this dignitary with your efficiency, professionalism, and style. You would clean the office, get everyone on their best behavior, and possibly even spruce up the place before they arrive to put your best foot forward. Now consider if this is the kind of effort you'd put in for one industry leader, why aren't you doing the same for your incredibly valuable customers?

The grand tour method suggests that you tailor what your customers see and how they interact with the company at every step along the customer journey. From the content and appearance of your online ads to the checkout interface on your mobile app, every single aspect of your company seen or touched by a customer should be polished to a mirror shine and presented in a way that makes customers happy and makes you look good.

Build it Like a Theme Park

Every step along the customer journey should be the experience you intended. Turn an encounter with your company into something more akin to visiting a theme park. Every asset should funnel them toward a clear call to action, whether that be a sale/conversion, customer service, or leaving ratings or reviews. In a perfect world, every service they use should respond eagerly and intuitively to their desires. Your ads should guide them to products they want to see based on their past purchasing behavior. Your website should not only be visually pleasing but actively helpful to their searches for items and information. Perhaps most of all, your mobile app should be entertaining and useful without a lot of chirps, unnecessary notifications, or clutter in the UI.

Everything your customer sees, you should have carefully designed to please them. Any time a customer gets a 'behind the scenes' look, you are either offering them an exclusive view because it would make that customer happy or something has gone very wrong.

The Cherry on Top

When your entire customer experience has been upgraded, decorated, polished, and refined, there is only one final area to cover: customer service. Even having done your best to assure your customers of nothing but happy experiences, nothing goes right 100% of the time so you need a final recourse for customers who were somehow let down or confused by the system. Your customer service is the final point of controlled customer experience and should also be a hand-tailored process. Customers need to see and hear a team of helpful technicians and admins capable of fixing their problems and returning them to 'the theme park' of your wonderful services.

Never underestimate customer experience. Every time they are delighted and relieved by the quality and convenience of your products and services, that's another potential referral and positive review. By custom tailoring each and every aspect of customer experience your company provides, you are ensuring the future of the business and a far greater reputation in the industry for incredibly satisfied customers. For more helpful tips and tricks on the customer experience, check back on the Act! blog