4 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Social Media

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So, you're running a small business, and you're looking for a good way to get the news out about who you are, what you do, and why you’re different from your competitors. If you don't have a big marketing budget, then social media is a great way to build a base without spending a lot of money. Social media platforms are free to use, after all, and as a business you could potentially reach millions of people.

The keyword there is potentially. Because if you're going to market your business through social media, you need to make sure you're actually getting seen by the people who need what you're selling. For better results, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Tip #1: Consistency is Key

When you get on social media, you're trying to establish yourself, and your brand. You're looking for a following, and you want that following to trust you. The easiest way to begin establishing that trust, according to Entrepreneur, is to be consistent. That means you should post roughly at the same times on the same days every month, but it also means your tone and focus should likewise be consistent. You don't start a page for a local hardware store, write ten posts about helpful life hacks that can help out around the house, and then leave a vitriolic review for the latest romantic comedy that debuted over the weekend. That's not what people are coming to you for, so make sure your followers get what they've come to expect.

Tip #2: Tell Your Audience What to Do

People are often willing to help, but you need to tell them what they can do in order to help you grow your following. This is typically referred to as a call to action, and you hear it in every commercial that's ever been made. Whether it's, "call today," or, "follow us on Facebook," you're getting a clear message of what you need to do in order to follow-through on what the ad is asking of you. Include this kind of hook in your posts. If you want your followers to like and share a post, tell them so. If you want them to leave comments, invite them to. Don't be afraid to give direction, because it helps.

Tip #3: Start Small, and Work Your Way Up

There are a lot of popular social media websites out there. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and others as well. While it might be tempting to try to get on as many platforms as possible as fast as you can, it's important to think of your social media as a plate-spinning act. Don't try to get another one going until the first is spinning smooth and clean. Then make sure the second one is going well, and that you can maintain the first two before you attempt to get a third one going. Repeat as necessary.

Tip #4: Use Scheduled Posts

One of the easiest ways to maintain a schedule when it comes to your posts is to make sure you have several of them lined up, ready to be publish automatically. Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other platforms allow you to create posts, and then assign them a time to go up. This ensures you're always ready, and that you're a few days to a week ahead when it comes to your social media posts in case something comes up that eats up all the time you'd normally spend putting those posts together.

These are just a few, simple things your business can do to get ahead on social media, check back on the blog for more!