Tips for Business Growth through CRM Success

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As a part of the Act! 30th Anniversary Celebration – we conducted a customer survey to gain a better understanding of how our users employ the Act! solution to grow their businesses.

We wanted to know things like: what product they were using (i.e. Pro, Premium, and Premium Cloud), what industry their business serves, how long they’ve been trusting Act! to grow their business, how often they use it, most used features, what devices they are using it on as well as their outlook on their business growth potential.

Well the results are in and we were happy to hear from over 700 of our customers, some new and some that have been with us since the beginning! As you may or may not know, Act! has a famously loyal customer base – we already knew this but we were still pleased to see it represented in the survey results. Nearly 50 percent of respondents have been using Act! for 11+ years, with 22% having used the solution for 21-30 years!

“I have used Act! for more than 20 years in every business I have worked in or with since buying my first ever copy. I have also referred clients I have worked with or for to Act!...Here is to another 30 years of making my life easy!!” – Joe Sweeney, Vacancy Poster Dot Com Ltd

Business Growth through CRM Success

One of the most exciting findings from the survey was that more than 85% of respondents use Act! every single day!  At Swiftpage/Act!, we believe that if you put your customers (CRM) at the heart of your business, your potential for growth is great. So we were happy to find that 75% of respondents believe that Act! is directly aiding them growing their business.

“Words can’t describe how incredible this software is, it literally does everything,” said Darryl Ormerod of Allied Services Northwest Ltd. “Act! is a vital and irreplaceable part of our business, there is no way we would be as lucrative as a company as we are without this software.”

According to a recent survey by The MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index, small business owners are optimistic about their ability to increase revenue over the next year – with 60% of respondents having a “positive outlook for their company and the environment in which they operate”. Similarly, we asked our Act! customers the same question – and a staggering 82% responded that they are feeling confident in their prospects for growth over the next 12 months.

How is Act! helping our users achieve growth?

“To all intents and purposes Act! is the information backbone of the company.” - Aubrey Wright, Director at Handy AV

According to our users, Act! is facilitating business growth through improved information sharing and the accessibility of that information (64%), as well as helping to increase efficiency (54%). Users (54%) also report improved customer service. Almost all Act! users (94%) rely on Act! for the software’s customer information functionality to help them better cultivate long lasting relationships and increase their customer retention. 

Act! CRM Growing Businesses