No Cloud, No Problem

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Michelle has been an Act! Certified Consultant since 1999, and an Act! fanatic long before that. Whether implementing an Act! solution for a company with 1 user or 150, the heart of every 3Leaf CRM project is solving the business need. You can find more by Michelle at 3Leaf CRM.

Even in our blog post “5 Reasons your CRM is Awful” we touted mobility.  Users need it.  We are all virtualizing more and more.  For many that means moving to the “cloud”.  Many CRM products are completely cloud-based.  When everything is up and working, cloud-based is pretty amazing.  The convenience of data access anywhere is a CRM game changer.  But. . . what happens when there is no “cloud”.  What do you do when the cloud is down and you can’t access your business-critical data?

Most would call where I live and work the boonies.  Maybe even the sticks.  We’re tucked back in the woods.  It’s quiet.  My neighbors don’t wave when I’m in my fuzzy slippers on the deck enjoying  my coffee.  It’s kind of perfect.  Except our internet.  The internet is almost enough to make me want to move back with city mouse.

For me, cloud-based wouldn’t cut it.  I need my database accessible offline. 

So if the power goes out, or if a field mouse eats the circuits in the DSL junction box (don’t giggle, it’s happened.  More than once.), I need my database or I can’t work.  So what do you do when you want the mobility of a cloud-based solution, and the offline capability of an installed app?

Act!.  For 30 years, Act! has been a go to for sales people because of its ease-of-use and user-friendly design.  In more recent years, as things have gone to the cloud, Act! has expanded it’s web offerings as well.  A lot of people forget that Act! has a robust installed application.

It’s CRM best of both worlds.

You can work via the web, either on your web-enabled server.  There are a few mobile solutions – including Handheld Contact, an installed application with offline data access; Act! Premium mobile, access to your database via the browser on your mobile device; and the more recent addition of Act! Companion, a web API enabled peek at your core Act! info.  And if you’re like me, or like many of my customers who don’t always have access to “the cloud” there is the Windows installed application.  It’s a hybrid solution that many people forget in this mostly cloud-based business world.