6 Tips for Creating Highly-Targeted Facebook Audiences

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Facebook is a virtual goldmine for social media marketers. The level of targeting that is possible with Facebook ads isn’t found anywhere else. It’s not limited to simply age groups, location, or interests -- here are six tips for creating extremely targeted audiences that will bring in high conversion rates.

Target Your Website Visitors

Remarketing brings in the highest conversion rates. Using Facebook’s tracking pixel, you can create ads and show them to people who recently visited your site.

Going a little deeper, you can include or exclude specific URLs. Including URLs will show your ads only to people who visited those specific URLs. You can either include entire URLs or choose to have your ads shown to anyone who visited a URL that contains a specific parameter.

For example, if you have a website that sells pet food, you can create one ad set to be shown to people who visited your pages relating to dog food and another ad set to be shown to people who visited your pages relating to cat food.

Excluding URLs is a way to prevent your ad from being shown to people who have already completed what you’re aiming for. For example, if you’re trying to build an email list, you want to exclude people who already signed up. If people are taken to a thank you page after subscribing, you can exclude your thank you page’s URL.

Use Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads brings remarketing to a whole new level. To use it, you’ll need a Business Manager account (and perhaps a developer to help you out with coding your pixel to track website activity). Upload a list of your products and the URLs of your website where they are displayed; this product catalog can be in a CSV format.

Then, you’ll be able to create an ad set that will change based on the URLs people visited. It’s a great way to remarket your website audience in an efficient manner.

Target People Based on the Facebook Pages They Liked

Selling sports gear that’s team branded? Create ads and show them to people who liked specific team pages. For example, if you’re selling Yankee t-shirts, show your ads to people who like the Yankees.

You can even use your competitor’s pages for this purpose -- you can show your ads to people who are using your competitor’s services. Craft the ad message so that it convinces people to switch over to you.

Of course, targeting people who liked your own page is bound to bring up your conversion rates. People who already liked your page have demonstrated an active interest in you, your brand, and your services. They are more likely to purchase from you than anyone else on Facebook.

Target Based on Life Events

Selling wedding services or clothing? Target people who just got engaged. Life events give you endless targeting opportunities. Expecting a baby, new child, new pet -- you name it and it’s there. You KNOW that these people need your services, and they are pretty likely to purchase from someone; make that someone be you.

Target Based on Purchasing Behavior

Selling B2B marketing services? Target people who buy business marketing services. Selling pet products? Target people who purchase them. Clothing, food and drink, household products, pet products, cooking supplies, health and beauty -- these are just some of your available options.

Financial Status and Education

If you’re selling a high-priced product, you don’t want your ads shown to people who have no money and won't be able to afford it. Narrow your audience to people within a specific financial situation, whether that be their yearly income or net worth. Educational status is another thing to take into consideration when creating ads for your products if they're geared towards people with specific education levels. 

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