Living in Act!

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Carol has been an Act! Certified Consultant since 2006.  Located in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Diamond partner with Act!, her background is consists of sales, sales management and marketing. Carol’s approach with her clients is to help them solve their business issues by using advanced technology solutions. You can learn more about Carol by visiting Tech Benders.
What does it mean to “live in Act!”?

For me, it means having everything in one spot – all of my business meetings, action items as well as personal calendar items.  It means being able to reach out to anyone via text, call or email from my computer, someone else’s computer or my phone.

What about you?

Do you “live” in your database?  Do you keep track of your personal calendar in one format like Outlook and keep track of your business appointments in something else like Act!?  How often do you have things collide because those systems don’t sync up?

Having everything in one spot is really important to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks.  If you work for an organization that won’t allow you to keep personal contacts/calendar items in the company database, show them this blog!!  They need to allow that to happen.  It isn’t going to bloat the database but what it will do is give you one spot to keep track of all parts of your life… and then you will be “living in Act!”.

So, let’s explore that a bit more, shall we?  It is important to remember that any contact or calendar item in Act! can be made Private.  For Contacts, that means the only person that can see them is you.  Only you.  Not even the database administrator can see your Private contacts.  For any calendar item, you can mark it as Private also.  What this means is that you can see the details of whatever that event is but everyone else just sees that your calendar is blocked off during that time.  They don’t see who you are meeting with, the regarding or the details.  So, private remains private.

And if you read my other blog called Act! Anywhere, you know that you can get your Contacts and Calendar on your phone, iPad, via any browser and on your computer.  So no matter where you are, everything is in sync and up to-date, which helps ensure you don’t double book an appointment!

Living in Act! means peace of mind too.

Knowing that everything is in one place makes it super easy to keep track of and you don’t have to mentally juggle more than one calendar.

If you are not “living in Act!”, I would encourage you to do so.  It will make your life so much easier!!