Like a fine wine, Act! just gets better

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With over 25 years’ experience with Act!, Michael is an internationally recognised industry expert. He provides ongoing consulting services to our clients and has built the best Act! consultancy team in Australasia. You can find more on Michael and his team at Act Today.

I was first introduced to Act! in 1990 when I was working with Litigation software. As soon as I saw the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), I knew that every business needed Act!. Immediately I started to shift my full time focus to Act!. Finally in 1992, I started Act Today (yeah it was cheesy but that’s exactly what I was promoting to people - do it today to get the results tomorrow).

In those early days, the term CRM as we know it today was very different. It was simply Contact and Customer Management.  As I would explain to potential customers, Act! allows you to grow your business by doing 3 simple things:

1.)  Record all details about your contacts
2.)  Keep track of everything that you need to do for your contacts, and
3.)  Record everything that you have done for them

These basic concepts that Act! was built upon are still relevant 30 years later which is why it’s always remained so popular. Over the past 10 years, there have been literally hundreds of new CRM products come on the market.

Meanwhile, Act! has stayed true to its original principles whilst evolving with technology to continue meeting the needs of modern small businesses.

Here are the features that I value as the most powerful aspects of Act!:

  • Act! is easy to use and very intuitive.
  • Customizations are simple and flexible allowing businesses to capture the specific data required for any business type.
  • The strong calendar and tasking environment enables you to control all your contact interactions with minimal effort.
  • Data Compliance is a critical component for many businesses. Act! enables you to maintain a true and accurate audit trail of all interactions.
  • Act! is easy to interrogate for Business Intelligence (BI) through basic lookup's, smart queries, dynamic groups.
Act! has the most diverse deployment options of any CRM on the market. You can access Act! via Cloud, Browser, Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android devices). Additionally, Act! can be implemented On-Premise and/or with synchronization for multi office or laptop deployments.

Act Today is now celebrating its 25th year working with Act!.

With over 80,000 users installed throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, it has been an absolute pleasure to share the CRM journey with such a great product and so many amazing people. Our team will be enjoying a wine or two to celebrate Act!’s tremendous milestone…hopefully it’s from a 30 year old bottle that has aged as well as Act!.