Happy 30th, Act!

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Michelle has been an Act! Certified Consultant since 1999, and an Act! fanatic long before that. Whether implementing an Act! solution for a company with 1 user or 150, the heart of every project is to solve the business need. You can find more by Michelle at 3Leaf CRM.

My very first day, of my very first job – as the “Marketing Coordinator” for a small financial services company - I was handed a stack of floppy disks.  My boss said, “Install this and figure it out.”  It was Act! 2.0 for Windows. 

I’m pretty sure at that point, in 1993, I had never installed any software.  I muddled through it and over the next couple of weeks, I had entered about 300 customers & prospects.  Fast forward about 6 months, I had created custom fields, a slick custom layout so my data was in a logical workflow, and had groups setup for managing our seminar marketing series.

With Act!, I was able to show where our marketing ROI was, and what efforts worked.  

My next job was as a Marketing Manager for a learning company based here in Baltimore.  I’m fairly certain the job was locked down because I listed under my “Software Skills” section – ACT!. I further customized their database to track our trade show marketing, managed sync for 35 sales people around the country, and even did a little e-mail marketing.  Which for 1996, that was a big deal!

Then. . . my own Act! Certified Consultant hired me away from my corporate cube life.

If I remember correctly, the conversation went something like, “Well, since you keep fixing and doing all the stuff you guys normally pay me for, why don’t you come work for me and make me money?” 

And here I am, running my own CRM consulting firm – 3Leaf CRM.  I’m still using Act! to manage my business. 

It bears mentioning, Act! isn’t the only CRM I get for free.  I have choices.  And I use Act!.  Why?  One of the most consistent things about Act! is, it’s user-friendly.  It’s easy to get up and running.  Even a 20 something that has never installed a piece of software in her life can figure it out.  Of course for those deeper implementations, there’s a great partner channel here to help.

You can get extremely complex, or stay simple.  It scales – from that 3-person office to 35 remote sales people – Act! works. 

Thirty years later, lots of versions, lots of feature additions, and it’s still one of the best.

From this long-time Act! Fanatic - Happy birthday, Act!.