Ways to Integrate Your Email and Social Media Campaigns

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Email marketing and social media marketing are both high-converting mediums that every business owner should be using. So it’s only obvious that combining the two is one way to create a very effective marketing machine. Here are five ways to integrate your social media and email campaigns.

Include Social Sharing Buttons in Your Emails

Include buttons in your emails that allow users to share them (or a link to the web-based version) with their friends and associates. This will increase the reach of your emails -- it’s like expanding your list! Of course, some emails you’ll want to keep private; you don’t have to include social buttons in every email.

To make sure that the sharing buttons don’t just blend in the background and go unnoticed, make it very obvious what you want your readers to do -- include a clear call-to-action compelling your readers to share the email on their networks.

Use Social Media to Collect Leads

Share your landing page or signup form on social media to collect new leads. You can pin a post with a link to your landing page to the top of your account. However, this is far from the only way to collect leads from social media.

On Facebook, you can install a signup button (that says "Sign Up") on your Facebook page that links to your landing page. You can also integrate an app for your page that will cause a signup form to appear when clicked on; contact your email service provider for help with this. On your Twitter account, you can include a signup form “card,” which is similar to Facebook’s signup button.

Use Your List for Retargeting

Both Facebook and Twitter Ads allow you to upload a customer list and use it as your target audience. When you upload a list in your ad manager account, you can target accounts associated with those email addresses (or phone numbers). This is a great way to create a high-converting audience.

Facebook ads is actually another great way to generate new leads. Upload your email list to your Ad Manager account, create a lookalike audience, and target that new lookalike audience with an ad that promotes your landing page. Because this audience is a “lookalike” of your actual list (meaning they have similar interests and demographics), you know that they will likely be interested in what you have to offer, and your conversion rate will be through the roof.

Use Your List to Build Your Social Following

You can use social media to build your list, and you can also use your list to build your social following. If you collect leads from your blog, through Google Adwords and Bing PPC, or through other methods that don't come from social media, you have a great potential to gain new social followers as well.

You can include “Follow Us” buttons in the footer of your emails. Make sure to link to your social networks often in your actual email text as well.

Another way to grow your social accounts is by sending out a short email encouraging your subscribers to follow you on social media. This can be either as an email blast or included in an autoresponder sequence.

Create an Exclusive Social Group for Your Subscribers

Create an exclusive and private social media group and invite your subscribers to join. On Facebook, it can be a private Facebook group. On Google Plus, it can be a private Google Plus Community. Other networks, such as LinkedIn, have other group options.

When you think about it, this will have a similar effect as an increased open rate! Many of your subscribers spend more time on social media than on reading their emails, and having your group notifications pushed to them will increase your exposure dramatically.

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