How Many Databases Do You Have?

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Carol has been an Act! Certified Consultant since 2006. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Diamond partner with Act!, her background consists of sales, sales management and marketing. Carol’s approach with her clients is to help them solve their business issues by using advanced technology solutions. You can find more about Carol and her team at Tech Benders.

If you have Act! or or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you might answer “one”.  But is that really where all of your data is located?  To better highlight what I mean, take the following quiz:

  • Do you use a web-based eMarketing tool like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp?
  • Do you keep additional spreadsheets to track information like sales or pipeline?
  • Do you export your data to another system for manipulation?
  • Do you keep your calendar in Outlook or on Google?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have multiple databases.  And I know it is frustrating to try to keep them sync’ed together.

While Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are great tools for sending out eMarketing campaigns, integrating things back into your database like Opt-Outs or Bounces is a pain in the backside.  And even more importantly is taking action on the campaigns as the campaign results are in the web interface or an exported spreadsheet… but your contact information is in your database!

How many times have you missed a meeting or a follow up activity because your Outlook calendar has your meetings and your database has your To-Do’s?

With Act!, you can truly have a centralized, single database

With Act! eMarketing, you can send campaigns out directly from Act!.  With 2 easy clicks, you can get a Lookup of everyone that has opt-ed out or bounced from your campaigns.  I always create a custom field for my clients to manage that – so you can easily update that custom field with the word Opt-Out or Bounce.  It really helps the balance of the team to know the status of that contact regarding eMarketing campaigns.

With Act! eMarketing, you can see the results of a campaign within Act! itself.  Act! also scores the results by contact so you sort contacts by number of times opened or number of times clicked on the links.  This is incredibly valuable as you can then create a Lookup of the top ranked contacts or you can create an Activity for them; and best of all, this is all stored within the database.

Act! has a very robust opportunity/pipeline tracking system.  It is fully customizable so you can add fields that match your business and the kind of information you want to track.  You can easily export this data to excel if you need to share with the team.

Act! also has an incredibly advanced calendaring system that allows you to keep track of meetings, calls and to-do’s.  When you schedule a meeting with someone in Act, you can also create an Outlook meeting invite with one click and that meeting invite gets sent to the person you want to meet with.  This is important as it allows you to have one centralized calendar.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have Act!, did you know it could do all of these things?  And if you are using another CRM, perhaps it’s time to get a demo of Act!