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Karen is the author of thirteen books on CRM and the Act! training videos. She is the founder of the Virtual ACT! Users Group and holds quarterly webinars focusing on CRM best practices. Her goal is to make companies more efficient, productive and profitable through best CRM practices. You can find more about Karen at Tech Benders LLC.

Back in the day new software used to come in a box along with a CD and instruction manual. Although that ship has sailed a long time ago, that doesn’t mean that you no longer have a source for learning about your new purchase. In fact, there are more sources for learning about Act! than there were back in the days of the “boxed” purchase.

Act!’s help menu is, pardon the pun, extremely helpful. Here are a few of my favorite items that you can access directly from the Act! product. Several of the solutions will take you out to the Internet; for your convenience I’ve included the links to the URL’s as well.

  • Online Manuals: You’ll find both the Act! Quick Start and Quick Reference manuals here. Still missing your old paper manuals? You can print them out.
  • Feature Tours: Clicking the Feature Tours option will take you to the Internet where you will be treated to a number of short (and free!) videos on the most common Act! features including working with Groups and Companies, creating a Mail Merge and Importing Contacts.
  • Act! Knowledge Base: Still can’t find the solution to your problem? You might take a look at the Act! Knowledge Base. You can search for the answer to your question, or you might even see it listed in the Most Popular Answers area.
  • Act! Certified Consultants: The above solutions all provide you fairly easy solutions. However, you might want to call in the reinforcements, particularly if you have just purchased Act! for a fairly large, sophisticated sales force. In addition to supplying fee-based tech support, Act! Certified Consultants can show you how to customize your Act! database to make it better suited to the needs of your business. They can also provide training in Act! usage and best practices so that you can make the best possible return on your Act! investment.

Finally, if you looking for an answer to an Act! question, or would just like to “bounce” an idea off of another Act! user, you might want to check out the Act! Community Forums.

The Act! community forums are monitored by SwiftPage staff, Act! users and Act! Certified Consultants and are designed as a place where you can post questions, share your thoughts about the Act! product (both good and bad) and generally garner great insight into Act! usage.

A great example of the power of the Act! Community Forums can be found in Roy Laudenslager, one of the Tech Bender’s Act! Certified Consultants. Roy was recently honored for the third time in 2 years for his contributions to the Act! Forums. Roy’s unique experience with the Act! report writer allows him to offer solutions to report questions that literally no one else can answer.

You’ll often find that with Act! there is more than one way to solve a problem, and more than one place to find a solution. I know the above solutions will provide you with just the solution you are looking for!